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Hi guys,

I've been absent for a little while I know. I had a really tough week, emotionally and physically. I've been massively yo-yoing with the diet but thankfully I have made up for it and found out recently I am 11st 5lbs (yay!). That's really good since I started on 11st 9lbs and I just started my fourth week.

Exercise is currently out the window. I'm slowly building back up to it with general cleaning around the apartment but for no particular reason my motivation and confidence in exercising has been shot. I think it may be because lately I've been surrounded by rather depressed people; 'downers' if you wish. It's not their fault but it really is hard to keep your spirits up if every conversation is depressing, especially when one of the 'downers' is your husband. But thankfully he just found a job so he's now in much better spirits!

I've also, nerdily enough, found a love in Magic the Gathering so getting a hobby like that has cheered me up. It's something I share with hubby too.

So now it's Monday it's like starting fresh and carrying on. I've had an awful lot of VOID days (days I record on my calorie tracker as VOID because I completely lost track of my calorie intake, however I'm fully aware that I went over on those days) so my goal is to not have a single one this week, and to go over my 1400kcal limit a maximum of 2/7 times.

Fingers crossed!

Much love,


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Hi Carh, glad to see you back....have a question about Magic the gathering...what is it?...as for positive people...just keep looking at the forum, amazing people here to cheer you on!

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Magic the Gathering is an extremely nerdy table-top card game, similar to YuGiOh or, arguably, the Pokemon trading card game :) sorry for my slow reply!

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Wishing you a happy and more positive week, mad I know I take comfort in cat cuddles in crap weeks ( I'm single, it seems forever).

Food does not comfort, and yes things can be very emotional at times, focus on the end result, rather than the food fix, sometimes I think we get too obsessed, at worst it's just fuel.

And yet we seem the extremes of eating disorders, anorexia and obesity to give two examples, thinking of you and wishing you well



Welcome back from the dark side. Your human, we all make mistakes. Forgive yourself and move on. Well done on your recent loss.

Dave x


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