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Happy Monday

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Monday and hope your week goes well, both nutritionally and in every other way! I started posting here about a week ago - the first week I've just been trying to avoid all the obvious stuff (i.e. no booze and cake, for a start) but as I get into the swing of it I might do the NHS diet. I was invited out to a special lunch on Saturday at which I behaved as though I'd never heard of the concept of dieting, but apart from that have been pretty diligent. I'm not going to weigh myself for a bit as if nothing has happened I might be so discouraged that I give up. Having been comfort eating since the age of 11 I find it so difficult psychologically to give up my prop that I'm trying to be as encouraging to myself as humanly possible. Just knowing that I'm now one of a community of people trying to do the same thing is so encouraging - on several occasions just that has enabled me to ignore delicious treats. Three Cheers for All of Us, is what I say!

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Cheers indeed!!! Yes knowong that some other people care an encourage you is definitely key. Loving it so far and I have only started 5 weeks ago. :)

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Yeah! Sounds like you're in a really good place...and it's so much easier to eat healthily when we're in the zone....Go you!😄


Hi and it sounds like you are enjoying the journey so far so good for you. Keep going and you will reap the benefits of it all. I have been doing this now for 39 wks and have enjoyed every bit of my journey. This community have helped me loads to keep me motivated and very encouraging. I wouldn't be without it :-)

You will find it such a great help on your journey so make sure you stick with us here on the forum hun and good luck :-)


Really inspiring replies! Stopped me having a scone for supper, yay!


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