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To carb or not to carb?


Hello all,

I wondered if anyone had any pointers for me regarding carbs?

In the past I have found that cutting out carbs has significantly helped with rapid weight loss.

I wondered whether or not people tend to avoid carbs or only select certain types of carbs?

I am jogging 4 times a week (for around 35-40 minutes) and swimming twice a week (for 45 minutes), combined with 5 miles of walking per day. I believe this should be taken into consideration.

Thanks x

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I try to stick to the quota set my My Fitness Pal and eat most of my carbs at breakfast and lunch, before and after exercising. Mind I know some recommend jogging before breakfast but I need to eat first!

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Ok thanks, so you would recommend getting the My Fitness Pal app?

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Yes - free download; has made counting calories in and out so easy!

ShadowDeeRestart Sept 2019
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Love my fitness pal! Highly recommend it

Hi, from my experience cutting carbs in the evening has really made a difference to my weight loss in the past. I'm also quite a keen runner (4/5 times a week)so I wouldn't cut the carbs before a run if I were you. I've done this before and it really zaps the energy out of you! It's not the same as someone who doesn't exercise and can be quite dangerous.

Instead try having carbs for breakfast and lunch, then replace the carbs you would have in the evening with more veggies or salad. It works for me. Also I'm sure you know but there is a huge difference between 'good' (brown rice, sweet potatoes, wholemeal bread) and 'bad' (white potatoes, chips, white bread etc) carbs. Try to stick to the good ones and this will help you even more.

I hope this is helpful advice. Good luck and well done with all the exercise! :-)

Hi Gil, I'm not worried about it. I like carbs so I'm more into the calorie aspect. I want to enjoy what it's steady burning off of excess energy....about a pound a week...but I'm happy with that.

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