Please join us for the Monday 'Kicking the Kilometres to the Dust' group (5th October)

Hello Everyone

How did you get on this week?

I had set myself a target of 60 kms which I was looking unlikely by Thursday when I had only done 25kms. I ended up doing a massive walk of South London on Friday and a walk along Thames yesterday.

I did it. I walked 60.7 kms

For this week I am going for 50kms. Working at home today so less likely to get any walking in. And the big walk on Friday took its toll and I relaxed a little too much on my diet!!!

Have a good week everyone 😃😃


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38 Replies

  • Hi Lizzy,

    You have done Great well done to you

    Keep it up.


  • Hi Lizzy...go you! I got to forty k with Luccas game on!

  • Hey - that's great PP - well done !! Hopefully the weather doesn't scupper our attempts too much this week :-)

  • Hi Lucca, rained too much to walk in opportunity lost.....hard to wear damp clothes and concentrate on work

  • Hi Lizzy & everyone :-) Well I was struggling a bit this week with the walking. I did all my runs, but the dog walking was a bit sporadic due to various issues, so I've only managed 35km. Did a lot of non-measured walking as I was dashing around quite a bit due to work, but not had so much time for the long, proper walks.

    This week I am determined to get to at least my 45km target by upping those dog walks (or perhaps just leaving the dog at home ;-) ) but again have a busy week work wise, so will have to be very organised !!

  • Hi peeps,

    You're all doing so well and I'd love to join you, but I don't have one of these fancy counter thingies and unless I can walk a route I know the distance of, I'm floundering a bit.

    Looking at the nose dive the weather appears to have taken, I don't think my OH is going to be as keen to take me to my secret walk venues, so it looks like I'm back to laps of the bungalow :)

    I'll be cheering you all from the side lines though :)

  • Can you set a target and track it by time instead moreless ?

    (or number of trips to the bathroom ;-) (hopefully soon ?!) )

  • I can do that, and maybe set it for two hours a day, or 12 trips to the loo :)

    Any more than that, I'll be falling flat on my face from dizziness, due to the very tight circles :)

  • You need to walk in the opposite direction occasionally, moreless :-)

  • With only 23 steps from furthest corner to furthest corner, it's not long before I'm going in the opposite direction :)

  • I bought a pedometer from Amazon for £5 which I was skeptical about. But it seems to be fairly accurate, I measured the distance of my walk to be 4.9km on google maps and the pedometer was bang on reading 4.85km! If you set a target, it's a good motivator for the money!

  • I've tried several different pedometers before, but found they refused to count steps, but would increase beautifully if I just shook them :)

    Do you have the make, so I can try with the same one as you? Thanks

  • This is the one I have, not expensive but it seems accurate to me :)

  • Thanks Steve, fingers crossed that this one will do the trick :)

  • Good luck! :D

  • Thanks, it's ordered and apparently delivery from Hong Kong is between 7 and 13 days, so watch this space :)

  • 7 days? mine was next day with amazon prime :)

  • The amazon one was £5.20 and could only get free delivery if the order was over £10, the HK one is the same make, but £4.99 and free delivery.

    They don't call me cheapskate for nothing :)

  • Ah right, fair enough. I'm a student so I get amazon prime half price and free next day delivery on practically anything. I normally am a cheapskate though :P

  • Imagine the number of steps it will already have racked up if it comes from Hong Kong - you'll be laughing for reaching your target next week :-)

  • Hahaha! For the first time in my entire life, I'll have won a race :)

  • Perhaps you need to stop walking, put in your pocket and just shake your bottom a lot ?! Might help with the weight loss as well !

    I find that pedometers are great if you are actually out walking (like ScoobaSteve did in his test) - where I find they aren't so accurate is wearing them around the house - it seems to increase step count a huge amount, when I know I'm not doing that much walking.

  • Hahaha. If I do that, I won't have a house to walk around in :)

    Oooh that's good, I'll be able to claim my 10,000 steps after 2 laps of the bungalow ;)

  • Bonus :-D

  • I made a bad mistake of wearing brogues that were too small on Tuesday, had to walk 5km in them and ended up with large blisters on my heels and toes! So was letting them heal for a few days. Only managed to walk 23km this week. But I have 50k steps planned so far for this week :) Well done on reaching 60km, you're doing really great!

  • Ouch! :(

    Good luck for this week.

  • You need to rethink your footwear! But maybe on the upside those brogues are well and truly worn in now? Just need to let the blisters heal...

  • I usually wear trainers! Had to wear the brogues into uni for a lab thing and my feet had grown since I last wore them lol And they still aren't broken in!! (Actually considered setting them on fire)

    I have healed enough so that my feet don't hurt when I walk so it's all good! Thanks.

  • Hold onto them. I have shoes that became less tight as I lost weight. They may come back into favour further down the line. But in the meantime maybe you need to find something more comfortable that can be 'smart' for work too (in the correct size :) )

  • Hi Everyone

    Week 2

    12st 4 down to 12st 2 this week. Down 2lbs.

    Aiming to lose about 2st and started at 12st 8 1/2. So a good start, but plenty to go yet! I know it will be more difficult in weeks to come, but feeling positive as some clothes are nicely more comfortable already.

    Bit of a tricky week - I was very careful Mon to Fri as I knew I'd be away at the weekend. Navigated the weekend fairly successfully but was then knocked out by a cold yesterday and soup, toast and cheese was the only fancyable option yesterday evening!

    Anyway - onwards and downwards for next week!

    Good luck everyone - keep up the good work - together we can do this!


  • Whoops! Sorry about above entry can't work out how to delete - sorry as it's the wrong thread!

    Re Walking - not so good as I'd hoped this week - though I made a point of getting out for some walks on work days at lunch time and taking the stairs etc.

    Got up to 45,500 paces - and my target was 70,000 - so going to be more realistic and set a target of 50,000 this week and see how that goes just to nudge up the activity a bit.

    Well done on the walkies everyone - you are an example to me - will try and do better this week!


  • Hi Lizzy and everyone. I joined the party late last week with a goal of 45k, of which 15k for running and 30k for cycling. My running was on track this week but I knew I still had a way to go with the cycling by the end of the week but there just wasn't a chance, as I was staying at my bf's all weekend with my bike left at mine.

    Here is what I managed:

    Running - 15.52k

    Cycling - 20.68k

    Total - 36.2k (8.8k under target)

    I'll aim for the same target again this week :)

  • Hi Lizzy

    Well done on your idea of 'Kicking the KM's' it has obviously created a huge response. I was incredibly lazy on Saturday and have decided to set a weekly target of steps taken to try and avoid the laziness setting in again. I could be guilty of setting myself one too many targets here (I have already set myself a kettlebell challenge for October) but hey ho nothing ventured/nothing gained. I don't usually fit set walks into my exercise plan but do tot up my daily steps/km on a phone app. This weeks goal 45km. Hopefully this along with the kettlebell will see me posting a loss in next weeks weigh in!

  • Hi Lizzy,

    Very impressive 😃


  • Hi, I managed 42km last week. I'm feeling brave and motivated despite it pouring down here in Devon. Put me down for 45km.

    Good luck to all xx

  • Well done to everyone for walking,running and cycling last week. Together we kicked to the dust, 236 kilometres, which is some going. I wonder if we could make it to New York by Christmas?? :) :):)

  • Good grief, we'd deserve a slap up lunch by then and a few bottles of the vino collapso! :)

    236k is phenomenal and with my help this week, we might even make 237k :)

  • Count me in I will wear my garmin all week and see what it tells me it is cheating as it converts my steps 50 k target, if I stop being a lazy cow I will do 10 k run Sunday

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