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OH NO! Shocking week :(

It's only week 3 and I put on this week. I'm absolutely devastated but it comes as no surprise. I've had an awful week at work and I just ate and ate and ate to make myself feel better - which of course it didn't.

I tried numerous times to pick myself back up and continue with the healthy eating but I failed every time.

I'm hoping this week will be more positive and will also reflect in my weight loss journey.

Wish me luck!

B x

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Dust yourself down, last week is done and start again.

In a quiet moment maybe think about your week and pinpoint what the triggers were so if happen again you might feel can deal with it differently.

Be kind to yourself and take it slow and steady you can do this

Have a great week



Sorry to hear you had a bad week but remember we all have those. Good luck for this week


We all have these blips - part of the journey.

Think about the week ahead, do a menu plan and prep your food as much as you can.

Are you doing any exercise?


BINGO Be! You spotted the issue - too much stress / pressure, combined with emotional reasoning. If I had £1 for every time I did it I'd be a squillionaire!

Here's a bit of what I learned - whenever I made a choice which I thought would make me feel better it was A) Emotional Reasoning and B) wrong on all counts!

I had to learn I could not eat or drink myself happy. I could not eat or drink myself to better stress management - I had to make drastic changes in my life and I had to learn about myself and make some big changes.

Consider - did the eating make you happy at the time? Does it make you happy now? and use that insight to make better choices. You know, you have us on the forum to sound off to - we don't know anything about each other so its a safe place to give off and that will help! The next time work is bugging you then get on her and write a post first and then see if you still want to eat to feel better.

You'll find tons of real support and good sense here so use us!

Take care - lean back at work - be good to yourself first - aim for little victories!

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Hey B, just like myfitnesspal....all forgotten and new day is a new start.....this week is going to be back in the zone...just a little hiccup!


Put it behind you Be and start with renewed enthusiasm and belief in yourself tomorrow.

You can do it, we can help :)


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