Bye bye chocolate

Hey folks, well it's the end of week 3 and despite exercising and eating healthy meals, I have stayed the same.

I have kept a food diary this week and have worked out where I am very obviously going wrong. I knew that I ate chocolate, but I hadn't realised just how much (the vending machine at work is evil 😈). So, no more chocolate. I am going to try and not have any for 30 days 😨. Not sure if this is possible, but I am going to try.

Ta ta for now. Jo


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17 Replies

  • Jo You deserve better than the crud we get served vending machines!

  • True, but its so handy, just down the stair's. ☺

  • Too right Andrew....Jo belle, it's perhaps sugar addiction? Try the 80% coco chocholate if you do need to.

  • Hi Portlandprincess, you are probably right. I am a total sugar junkie. If it's not chocolate (my preferred choice), then I go for cereal bars. I have none of it left in my cupboards now, so hopefully that will help. Thanks for the suggestion about 80% dark chocolate, will keep that in mind if get desperate. Xx

  • Am 'busy' watching the rugby, trying not to drink the beer! That's my weakness! We all have our triggers for over intake of cals...mines alcohol...perhaps yours is the sugar. I tend to go cold turkey. This really isn't long as there's not a really improtant rugby match and a hero asking if I want a beer! Love him.. So much ...have you tried chocolate options ..they really work for me too

  • Hi. Will check them out. It may be that going cold turkey is best. Enjoy the rugby. Xx

  • You said you were eating "healthy meals", were they under 1400-1200 calories per day? You might want to check that too and perhaps use myfitnesspal if not already!

    If you were within your calories allowance for three weeks and still did not lose weight I'd love it if you could come back and tell us if just cutting the chocolate out is what helped you!!

    In any case I am sure this is a good decision!!


  • Hi. Will let you know next week!

  • You can do it. I have found the longer I go without chocolate, biscuits, cake and the like, the less I crave it, in fact I haven't enjoyed it when I have eaten it, result! Good luck your not on your own.

  • I think its best for you.

    I know some people talk about cutting down or going to a higher cocoa chocolate but if you are anything like me I do not have the strength to only have a little.

    Good luck on your 30 day contract you have made with yourself - I am sure you can do this! :)

  • I favour the cold turkey route.ive not had any chocolate for over 15 months other than a couple of small pieces in total when my partner had some. We don't buy it or have it in the house. Same goes for cereal bars. Full of sugar.

    Nothing's easy but it is worth it and it does get easier with time and a mindset that says it's not part of my diet anymore.

    I substitute sugar for artificial sweetener. I use Splenda or the cheaper own brand versions to sweeten plain zero fat Greek yoghurt, porridge, berries.

  • Wow, 15 months. That's pretty amazing.

  • For me, it was milk. Starting the day with a large latte and a big bowl of cereal and continuing to consume it during the day meant I was getting a lot more calories than I needed. I drink my coffee black now and use almond milk on my cereal. It made a huge difference to me and thankfully didn't make me feel like I was missing out on anything.

  • Hi Jo-Belle,

    You are disciplined for having done the food diary and the 3 weeks of healthy eating - so continue on. Have read somewhere that it takes a few weeks for a diet to have effect, so stick to it. Why not give yourself the tiniest reward on a Saturday/Sunday with a tiny bit of chocolate, for say 100 calories, however. Most high content cocoa bars will have the calorie written. Get a gram or ounce weight scale and reward yourself for a week well monitored/spent. Within reason and outside of guilt!

    My goal has been to go down two clothing sizes, and during the past holiday month I worked out a lot as well as splurged at family reunions. Surprisingly, my wonderful, expensive shoes that I bought last year on sale now fit me with plenty of room. My jeans are more comfortable. I still eat chocolate- once a week.

    Chocolate lovers unite! There has to be some way we can keep chocolate in our diets. What do you say?

  • I totally agree that we should not have to do without. I want to get to the point, where chocolate is not the first thing I go for if I am tired, stressed, etc. I want to be able to eat birthday cake at my nephews birthday party in November and I definitely want to be able to eat my mum's chocolate bomb desert at Christmas. All without feeling guilty. As for clothes, well one day I would really like to buy some skinny jeans and know that they fit in all the right place's. Hopefully, my 30 days without will break the cycle! Xx

  • Inspiring words, Jo-Belle, thank you, keep us posted. I will too.

  • Hello jo belly, I walk by a vending machines every day and avoid it like the plague! I still eat chocolate and count the calories as they are always on the bar, l take fruit Melon and grapes are nice together xxx

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