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Desperately need the stamina back!

I started Couch to 5k training and NHS weight loss program with a hope to lead a healthy lifestyle. I have not been very successful because of my own limitations but I was doing better and better each week. However, I went for a seminar on the 18th of September and returned on the 26th which completely devastated my lifestyle. I was not that bad during the seminar but after coming back its worse. I am eating chanachur and what not... I was having a very intense and busy time waking up early and going to bed really late, most of the flights were at early morning, so somedays I could not sleep at all. I could not even take proper rest after coming back as a new week with loads of responsibilities was waiting for me. Now I feel ruined, i paused my Couch to 5k training at the 6th week, I dont feel much confident to begin from there...I got cold, and feel feverish and so weak that it took me quite a long to get the courage to write a post here.....Please boost me up! Tell me how I can revive and get back to the weight loss guide and couch to 5k training.

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Okay, so having just spent two weeks on the road myself for work I know exactly what you mean. I sleep terribly when I am away, and also I have been unwell for the past week of my travels which made things difficult.

You want a boost?........... then I would say 'get back up' it doesn't matter 'how' you get up, what is important...is that you do.

I can also tell you that I found weeks six of the C25k the worse week ever and i did it for three weeks in order to get through it. It doesn't matter if you stay at one week for a little longer, what is important is that you stick with it. When you finally get to week nine (in your own time) and finally do the full 5k it will all be worth it.

Make a plan, if it doesn't work, then rip it up and make a new plan. You will sooner or later find something which works for you.

This week I came back from the shops with the ingredients for James Granola Dust, as this week I am taking a close look at my breakfasts. I have taken some of the things I liked from being 'on the road' and I am incorporating them in to my week and it starts right here


Sugar free breakfast and lots of fruit and natural yogurt.

Meanwhile I am off to try Rick Steins Gozleme with feta and spinach for tea

Buy an inspirational cookery book, plan your meals but make it difficult for yourself by having to make something a bit different and a bit difficult that way you will appreciate your food more.

But more than anything ...................Get back on the wagon!

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Do you work really hard? Really good at what you do? Put hours and hours into it?.....well, I suggest it's time to do the same for you! Not the paymaster....or what ever is driving your workplace...time for you!...spend a few hours posting and replying to posts....an hour walking...a few mins thinking about what your planing to eat....if Iwas a gambling wench, I'd put a tenner on you working your socks off at work...spend a bit of time working on you?


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