Newby! What success have you had?

Hello all,

I am a newby and wondered what kind of success people have had on the 12 week NHS weight loss plan?

How much exercise have people combined with the diet plan?

Is 1,400 calories a day what most woman have tried to aim for?

Sorry for asking so many questions!!

Current BMI : 26.5 and I am aim to lose 1 stone 5lb (9.5 kg) over the next 12 weeks, to have a BMI of 23. Is this an achievable goal?


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  • Hi Gilmorem Welcome to the future!

    There is loads of feedback and advice on the forum - have a read through some of the previous posts and you'll spot loads of good experience & advice.

    I think your target is dead on for fairly straightforward weight loss over the 12 weeks. I'm a 185cm tall bloke and I aim for 15- 1600 cals a day and can now eat very well at this level. so 1400 will be along the right lines for you but remember its a guideline!

    When I started 12 week plan I thought I was active - regular cycling and a walk every now and again - used a fitness tracker to keep me going.

    The 12 week plan encouraged me to get much much more active than I've been for years and its been fab. Took up the Couch to 5 Km challenge and now run 6 k about three times a week. Lost loads of weight and I continue to do so. Left off and don't miss the drinking. Sleep better. Far more energy. I eat fantastically well. (Working my way through Jamie's Superfoods!)

    Experiment with the calorie target. just eating less than your daily requirement will help you lose weight. Enjoy the exercise and find something that you enjoy.

    Get some descent scales and take measurements! If your scales are not accurate and consistent then you'll eat well, do a load of exercise and not see the results.

    Think of this as a change for life. Its not a 12 week slot of better eating to be undone by previous poor choices - its about learning about nutrition & exercise, getting focus and making deep seated personal change. For Good!

    I'm on week 14 (I think!!) and I've gained a body that is 14.5KG lighter than the one I had with all the benefits that come with it!

    If you have a puzzle - ask a question.

    If you have a craving - write a post about it.

    If you make daft food choices get over it - write a post and then aim for the next little victory.

    Decide now how you are going to celebrate!

    See you around! :-)

  • Hello andrewleeone,

    Wow thank you for such a great response, really encouraging.

    I think I will aim for 1,200-1,400 calories per day. I walk to and from work which is 2.5 miles combined with 50 minutes at the gym 5 times a week, I hope this will begin to aid the weight loss.

    I am not a big drinker so thankfully that isn't something I need to worry much about. I will definitely be looking to the forum for support and guidance :)

    Massive congratulations on your weight loss so far, very inspiring and I hope to have as much success.


  • If I can do this anyone can! Don't go too low with your calories- When I've done that I've lost weight at the same rate. Measure everything for a while and learn what level of intake keeps you feeling well fed and energised. It helps to get really boring and plan ahead for those times when you'll run out of time. If you are feeling too hungry before you eat its probably to late!

    If you have a smart phone get a pedometer app and log your activity - they are fairly accurate - you'll be amazed at how much you are already doing!

    Have fun with it and be proud of yourself!

  • Hi gilmorem :-) Welcome to the forum - andrew's post was extremely helpful !

    I personally am on about week 8 and have lost about 18lb so far. I'm aiming for approx 1400 cals each day (need to lose another 1 and half stone probably and am 5'9"). I've upped exercise quite a bit, but mainly just walking and onto week 6 of Couch to 5K running.

    I would add to what Andrew has said that there is a weekly weigh in thread run on a Monday (look out for Lowcal's Weekly Weigh In) - a really helpful thing to join to record your progress and keep you motivated ! I find posting lots generally just keeps me motivated and there is some lovely support to be had here - good luck :-)

  • If I had my way I'd have a minute by minute weigh in!

  • I'm not sure I could handle that pressure :-D

  • Just impatient ! :-)

  • Hello lucca10,

    Ok great thank you for that advice! Again, as massive congrats on the weight loss front. Very inspiring to know it is achievable! I might download that app, sounds great. How often do you run?

    Thank you- I will join the thread (obviously this Monday it will only have been 2 days post diet plan).

    Thank you :)

  • The C25K plan gets you out running for 3 times per week, with the other days being running 'rest' days. It's been really helpful - I've been able to run 5k distances in the past (nothing serious !), but by building it up slowly this time, I've managed to not get the usual injury niggles so far. The app is great ! And there is another forum to join if you wanted !

    If you are into walking or running then Lizzy and I have just started a distance target thread (also on a Monday) where we set a distance to complete in the week (can be anything, walking, running, swimming, cycling, steps using a pedometer etc). (I have failed abysmally at it this week I am ashamed to say :-( !)

    You can join the weigh in thread on Monday with your start weight if you want - although you don't have to give your weight if you don't want to (although you'll have probably lost a bit by then anyway !) :-)

  • Hi Gilmore. , Andrews and Lucca advice advice covers almost everything. Your plan sounds great. However your actual weight loss will depend a bit on your age and metabolism as well as your effort so track all your measurements as those are incredibly motivating.

    I am now on week 19. During the first twelve weeks I ate an average of 1350 calls per day using the NHS twelve week plan and I did 20 hours a week of exercise -that included commuting by bike, weight training in the gym and lane swimming with a class. In the first twelve weeks I lost exactly one stone in weight and dropped two sizes from a 22 to a size 18. I also changed the way I eat and lots of other bad habits.

    Best of luck

  • That is very inspiring! Congratulations for your weight loss.

    I am 22 years old and 5'2 I am not sure if that will have any effect.

    I wish you the best of luck as you continue your weight loss journey.


  • Hi Gilmore and welcome :)

    I can't top the previous excellent replies, but I can add my good wishes for your weight loss journey.

    All the best :)

  • Thanks moreless. All the best to you too!

  • Here for about six weeks....burnt off 12 pounds on between 1400 and 1700 cals ...occassionally more down to celebrations! Can you believe it on this forum. I'm aiming for a pound a week. Really happy with that. What's your aim?

  • Amazing! I am aiming to loose 20 lbs over the next 14 weeks so dropping approximately 1.5 lb per week roughly. What do you do exercise wise?

  • I worry about my knees, so I walk a lot ...I don't worry about running or jogging yet....I live on a hill so try to walk up this steep hill every other day and at weekends, walk about 10k...easy! Lol...

    But this is for life and I did 40k of walking last week...led to two pounds of excess energy burnt off....good luck you What's your plan

  • Sounds like a plan! I walk to and from work (2.5 miles each way) Monday-Friday and then T25 DVD 4 times per week with 25 mins on a exercise bike..... then running on the weekends for 30-40 minutes a time.

  • Well, your definately going to really burn off that energy...excellent

  • Thanks!

  • Hi

    Im new to the 12 week plan and i have my first weigh in tonight! The week has gone well and it has changed my way i think about food completely even tho its been a week. The only thing is i calculated that i need 1804 calories a day and im finding it hard to eat that much! I have had an awful cold recently could that be a reason? Or am i over thinking and not getting enough?

    Also i need to drink more water throughout the day any tips?

    You guys have done so well any advice would be fab for me as a newbie!!

    Thank you

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