Week 39

Hi everyone :-)

This week I have managed to shift 3 lbs woohoooo.... after last weeks maintain I am really pleased with this number and there is a pattern to me maintaining. Every time I maintain I lose 3 lbs the following week so I don't actually mind maintaining LOL.

So start weight 240 lb

Today's weight 164 lb

Total weight loss 76 lbs

That's 34.47 kg gone

and a % of 31.67

I am really loving this journey it has changed me so much. My mind is healthy my body is healthier I am happy and strong and there's nothing I can't do when I put my mind to it. I have been setting new goals for myself week after week since the beginning and never stopped pushing myself. Every week I set myself a new challenge to complete and as many of you know I have met all of those goals I set for myself along the way. I have been faced with many walls which I didn't think were possible to break down but my mind has grown stronger and I have taken control, smashing through each and every wall. I am really proud of myself and I can say 'I did that'.

I was a size 20/22. Currently I am a size 12/14 in clothes and 10/12 in PJ's so it's all happening for me right now. I am looking to get into a size 10 by the end of this journey which is in Jan 2016 so this is the goal I set for myself and I know it is quite some weeks away but it is still challenging and I have a Christmas challenge to meet which if my calculations are right I have 11 lbs to go sueper.

Right now I'm just 1 lb away from the 5 1/2 stone mark so my goal for next week is to lose 1 lb and if it is more then I will be even happier :-) so here's to another great week ahead and remember to challenge yourself and push that bit harder every week. Add an extra 10 % to every workout this week and then increase this to 20 % the following week and so on and it's this extra percentage that will see your fitness increase and mind set changing. You'll grow stronger and you'll start to see your potential and realise that 'anything is possible' when you believe in yourself and your abilities. Stay focused and plan every day. It's worked for me.

Good luck everyone on your journey and I wish you every success in achieving your goals and thank you for reading :-)

Trafford1 x


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25 Replies

  • Well done!!! Your an inspiration! :) I've just started out. I'm looking to lose 74lbs. I can't wait to be where you are!!

  • Hi sara0120, thank you :-)

    Losing 74 lbs is very achievable and I wish you the best of luck with your goal. I have gradually increased my exercise week on week and not one week has been the same. I have tried out many new things such as skating, skate boarding running a 5k then went onto 6k and my latest run was a 10k all within the 39 weeks I have been on my journey. The longer you stick with this it gets easier and the more you push yourself and change things up the weight will just keep coming off. I haven't ever gained during the 39 weeks which I am really proud of and have only maintained about 4 times. This forum has been a great place to share my journey with other like minded people and you will meet some lovely people along the way who will help motivate you and give really good advise.

    You can definitely do this sara0120 best of luck hun :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Whoop de whoop Trafford1,

    Knew you would smash it 💋

    You must be feeling so good. Your stats are amazing I bet people who have not seen you for a while don't recognise you !! Glad to hear your on track for our Sueper Santa challange lol I've got my eye on a bronze/gold slinky dress in M&S but I'm not going to try on till end of October get the hols out the way lol.

    You continue to inspire and motivate maybe should write a book xx it sounds like your life has changed in all ways.

    Have a lovely weekend and another 'smashing' week lol


  • Hi flossie and thank you so much :-) I am over the moon today and the numbers really mean a lot to me and so do your lovely and kind words.

    I strive to be the best I can be now in life and have changed in so many ways. People look at me and take a second look or even just stare these days. They are so amazed with what the see from where I came from and it is a great feeling. My confidence has risen so much and my smile is even bigger than ever before. I don't think I have ever shown off my teeth so much LOL. I have a really nice set and they deserve to be shown off too :-)

    Your dress sounds well nice and very sexy and you will definitely look stunning for your big reveal come Christmas.

    So one more weigh in before you go on your hols hun so make sure you give it your all. When I went to Turkey I was my heaviest ever and just looked like a wale when I look back on those photo's. I was kinda lucky when we were there cause we were literally the only one's in the apartments and we had the pool to ourselves. I was wearing a cardi over my summer clothes and I wasn't happy at all. Now I can truly say I am happy and would love a holiday abroad. I am going to stay in a nice hotel for my birthday which is coming up so that is something to really look forward to and hoping to be 8 lbs - 10 lbs lighter by then so yeah things are looking good and my future is bright :-)

    I could ramble all day flossie, but I won't keep you any longer hun LOL.

    Thank you for all your support, it really means a lot and have a wonderful week

    Trafford1 x

  • Congrats on your hard earned 3lb loss this week. Can't believe you're already looking at size 10s and 12s. Love your uncompromising attitude especially as it comes from a really sensitive and caring place. I'm sure loads of new people on tho site are in awe of your amazing numbers, but it goes to show it can definitely be done. Good luck for all your goals. I wonder what new thing you will try this week? I just ran up a load of hills and am really feeling it! Good to mix things up though :)

  • Hi Ruth and thank you for your ever inspiring and encouraging lovely words :-) Yes I'm going down, down, down in size and it is just brilliant. Shopping is a whole new world to me now going to almost the front of a clothes rail and fitting into all these nice new clothes is AMAZING. I've been treating myself loads recently and looking and feeling great in everything that I pick out.

    I hope I inspire others and the new people to this site, it's always great to share our journeys to give others inspiration and give some incite into how we achieved our goals.

    I haven't set my goal this week other than a 1 lb loss, but I am sure that it will involve some weight lifting. I am at the gym at 1 o'clock today so will be venturing down that road concentrating on legs and arms this week.

    Running up loads of hills sounds great and no easy feet so well done hun. I want to run up hills too and I agree it is always good to mix it up ...watch this space :-)

    Have a wonderful week Ruth :-) and thank you again

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford...you're such a wonderful role model...supporting and caring and so kind...and look at you burning off that unwanted energy! Fabulous! Love your up beat mind set. Go you!

  • Hi Portlandprincess, thank you hun. It's good to hear that I am a wonderful role model, that really makes me feel bigged up :-) Your so lovely PP and I'm grateful for all your kind words and they have been well received :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Well done indeed, I'm at the beginning of this journey and find these real stories a real boost to keep going through it. I look forward to my own positivity returning and self-esteem being an actual thing rather than just something someone else has. Be well and you'll knock them dead at the Christmas party.

  • Hi CazCip, and thank you for your support. Well done on getting started on your journey. This forum and the nhs 12 week plan as well as using myfitnesspal has been a god send to me and I just love all of the support I receive from others here. You will also find it a great help. Many of us have been where you are, at the beginning and the best advise that I can give to you is BELIEVE in YOU and YOUR ABILITIES to achieve your goals. I always say 'anything is possible' and that's how I see my journey and I have witnessed first hand endless possibilities. You hold all the power and the power to change your mindset. The longer you stick with all the changes the more your mind will grow and have a different outlook. Positive changes are on the horizon for you hun.

    Go get it, it's waiting for you :-) best of luck on your journey

    Trafford1 x

  • Well done Trafford1, yet again you smashed your weekly goal. Just a little word of caution, 'Don't go splashing out on too many new clothes!' at your rate of progress anything you buy now will be too big in a few weeks. You never cease to inspire me with your determination and fantastic results. I have absolutely no doubt that you will reach your final target, you are amazing!

  • Hi mrsg3 and thank you for all of your lovely and kind words. You had me worried for a moment when I read...word of caution, I have been splashing out on some cheaper items of clothes to tide me over so not throwing away too much money. I tend to spend more on shoes, under ware and PJ's as these will last me even when my journey ends. I'm only buying bra's in a cup smaller and the PJ's well there already a 10/12 and my feet aren't going to shrink any more so I think I'm safe, but thank you for the advise mrsg3 :-)

    I am so pleased to have passed my goal this week and thank you for believing in me reaching my future target this really means a lot gives me extra motivation so thank you :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Stand tall and holler Trafford1, you have done great for yourself and for others (me! Me!) via this site. I love that you explain that it's not just about weight loss but about the mental and physical and empowerment gains the process delivers.

    Hope you picked out glam pjs. Have a great week. 👯👯🍂🎶

  • Hi Gonti, I thank you for your lovely post and wonderful words, your summery of my post is spot on and I am so glad to have inspired you on your journey hun. Your post has inspired me too and I am so glad to share with you what I have been through.

    The pjs are wicked, dominions and bat girl are my fav...along with others I'm a big kid at heart so I go for the trendy look and look good in them and all in a size 10/12 so that's super cool

    I wish I could share my photo before and after but the site won't post it, it comes back and says there's a problem loading your photo so not had the opportunity to share as yet my progress.

  • Have a great week Gonti :-)

  • This is incredible well done you! I bet your life has completely changed for the better. Inspiring read 😀 Keep up the good work xx

  • Thank you Emma-x- life has certainly changed for the better. I'd say it don't get better than this, but it does ... :-) and I'm really looking forward to what the future holds. Have a great week hun and thank you for your support x

    Trafford1 x

  • I have the power

    I own the key to my success

    I deserve happiness

    I deserve to love me

    I want to take control

    I can deliver

    I have the potential

    unlock what's inside

    the world is yours

    Take it one day at a time

    It's not to late

    You can do this

    I'm doing this for myself

    You can too...

    Have a great week :-)

  • I'm so delighted for you Trafford :)

    It's such a boost for those of us at the beginning of our journey to see that not only is it doable, but that it can be so enjoyable. It's not just about the end game, but about the small changes and victories along the way.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, because thanks to you, I know that I will one day be where you are, it's just a matter of time :)

    I wish you continued success with every goal you set yourself.

  • Thank you moreless for your lovely words and for you to let me know how I have encouraged you on your journey makes me feel proud and it's people like you who keep me motivated and grateful to have such a wonderful community behind me and giving me that all important support I need.

    My journey is for 52 weeks as I gave myself a goal of one year to get my life back so I have 13 weeks to go and by the end of the yr I want to have reached my goal by Jan 4th 2016, the goal is a size 10 and I'm a 12/14 now so I think I've got this :-) One day you we will all of reached our goal hun and that will be the ultimate reward. Keep going...it will all be worth it because your worth it :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • That's amazing Trafford :-) Well done on your loss this week, and just generally overall !!

  • Thank you lucca10 :-)

  • HI Trafford1,

    I just read your progress post today, and just wanted to say Congratulations on losing another 3 pounds, that is really great! Also, you are so close to achieving the 5 and a half stone mark - wow! I hope you achieve that this week - I think you're due to post again in a couple of days or thereabouts, so I'll definitely look out for that. :-)

    I love your advice about challenging and achieving a bit more each week with regard to work-outs - I have really found the various 'challenges' that are around on the post currently to be really motivational. E.g. Ruth's Strength Challenge in September made a real difference, as I finally properly 'committed' to doing regular strength exercises - and MrsMg3 (might have got her name slightly wrong - going from memory) is doing a Kettlebell Challenge (I hope I got that right), and Lizzy(with lots of numbers after her name) is suggesting the Km Challenge. You've suggested the 10% and 20% Extra Challenge - I think that a combination of these Challenges is going to really make a difference! Personally, I'm going to continue with my strength work, and add a few Kettlebell swings, and also try to achieve a few more steps regarding the walking.

    Trafford1, I am looking forward to your next post, and wish you the best week ahead!

    Well, not the best, as I know it will be 10 to 20% better each week! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you for your continued support Lowcal :-) I have really upped my calories out this week so I am looking forward to weigh in and feel confident that I will get that pesky pound off and reaching another mile stone. I went for a health check this week to have my medical records up dated, weight height blood pressure and I found out I am over an inch taller which is very pleasing I must say and I have just booked an appointment to go to the registrar to register to get married next year so this week really has been a good week so far.

    All of the challenges on here are really good ones and help to keep everyone motivated which I love and I am also working on strength training at the moment. Walking, well I walk about 1 hour and 30 mins every day and run almost every day. My OH and I have been working together motivating each other and he has lost a total of 2 st 6 lbs since he got on board with this so I am really happy right now with everything :-)

    Hope you are settled back into your routine since returning and have a great week and speak again on Sat when I post my results

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Congratulations on your registering to get married next year, that is really exciting!!!

    I'll look out for your results on Saturday.

    Lowcal :-)

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