Yes ! I've made cauliflower rice and it was fab !!

Hi all,

Hope you've all had a great week and feeling good 😎.

It's been a really good week, the weather has been really nice, I've got over the flu and been to all my exercise classes and managed a couple of extra walks phew !!

Weigh in and I've lost 2 and a 1/2 Ib so Yipee, the flu gain has gone and a 1/2Ib extra.😎

I ve really tried to eat different this week and have made quinoa and rice with prawns( thank you Trafford1 xx) and eventually managed to make cauliflower rice at the 4th try!!. I stir fried it with onions, garlic, peppers and a bit of spice and had it with grilled chicken very nice, so thanks to all who have posted xx

As I said to Ruth I'm back on the squat challenge but ...... not like last month after reading Ruth's post the other day I've decided to do 25 x 2 squat on alt day and 10 plank on the other day ( hope that makes sense, well does to me !!!) and I'm looking to improve core strength. Chart is done and so far so good.

Next Thursday I'm off to Turkey for a week so will weigh in before I go and I'm hoping for another good week.

A huge thank you for all the kind words and good wishes following my last post, I was really emotional al reading them all and it has all really helped me move on. I feel so lucky to have met you all ( well you know what I mean I feel as if I have ) and a huge {{{{HUG}}}} to each and everyone.

Hope you all have a fab week



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29 Replies

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  • Hi Flossie what a lovely post, you sound really together and enthused. πŸ‘ Enjoy your holiday prep and this gorgeous weekend.!

  • Thanks Gonti,

    Feeling really good, sometimes life is just good and we've just go to go with it eh😎


  • Congratulations Flossie. 2 1/2 lbs is amazing. Well done. Glad to hear you're feeling better by the way.

    Cauliflower rice sounds interesting.

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Turkey. X

  • Thanks Candystripe,

    Cauliflower rice low cal low carb and when you get the hang of good! Mind you hubby wouldn't eat it but the dog did !! Lol

    Have a lovely weekend catch up Monday x


  • Hi flossie and what another lovely post, your just full of joy I can tell and what a GREAT result on the scale this week 2 1/2 lbs down this week is just brilliant :-)

    So glad you enjoyed your quinoa and rice with prawns yum! and that you finally got the cauliflower rice correct this time round. It sounds as though these food choices have really made a difference this week as well as all the exercise so a big well done from me :-)

    Were lucky to have met you on here to your such an inspiration and a really great motivator so I thank you flossie

    Not long now till you fly. You must be so excited and I bet the weather will be wonderful over in Turkey. I am looking forward to your next post and I wish you the best of luck at your next weigh in before you fly off :-)

    Have a great week flossie and fingers crossed for me please for tomorrow I hope to get 2 lbs off

    Trafford1 x

  • Thanks Trafford1,

    Trying to get holiday stuff together, it's the first time I've been away since my stroke and a bit anxious.

    It was not a planned holiday, I'm going with my sister in law, she has split from her partner so she asked me if I'd like to go. I hope it's not a double bed as much as I love her I don't want to wake cuddling her ooh misses !!

    You have no worries tomorrow you will smash it πŸ’‹Catch up tomorrow

    πŸ˜‡ xx

  • Hi Flossie - glad you are feeling better and looking forward to your holiday :-) Strangely enough I also made cauliflower rice for dinner - I'd never tried it before, but was making kedgeree and wanted to try a low carb substitute for the rice - it worked really well ! How do you make it ? I looked it up on the internet and found a suggestion to just blitz it in the food processor, and that seemed to come out ok :-)

  • Thanks Lucca,

    I followed many suggestions from here, I'm not sure how it took me so long to get it right, I think it's wether my head works or not Lol !! I first used a stick blender don't know why but the mess,there was cauliflower all round the kitchen !! It's really nice and so low cal and low carb !!


  • :-) :-) at the flying cauliflower - I can just picture it !

    I'm making a curry on Sunday and am going to try it out instead of rice then as well. Seems like a good substitute and allows me to keep making 'rice' dishes, which I'd ruled out for a while in trying to avoid evening carbs. Hark at me - imagine a few months ago saying that I was going to swap rice for cauliflower !!

  • Hi Lucca,

    Our bodies are temples !!


  • Happy days and well done

  • Thanks CazCip

    Sometimes it just all comes together.


  • Congrats Flossie, you're totally back on it now. Alternating squats and planks sounds good. I'm alternating squats and crunches. Today is a squats day, only done 25 so far, 25 more to do still. Then crunches tomorrow and a day off on Sunday :)

    I actually had cauliflower and quinoa today, just chopped some bits of cauliflower into the pan as the quinoa was cooking, added a spoon of stock powder, the textures went together really well (I added a few peas too). I'm really getting into cauliflower at the moment, especially roasted, just sprayed with frylight, really brings out the flavour.

    Enjoy your new experimenting, and hope the dog continues to enjoy it too, congrats on the mega 2.5lb loss, and hope it's another great loss next week to send you grinning to the airport. I always feel so positive after reading your posts. Hope you feel this good too. Have a great weekend :)

  • Hi Ruth,

    Roast cauliflower, not tried but might do it today.

    Them squats get no easier lol but sticking with,tummy feels flatter already, plank managing to. Hold for count of 12, so improving bit by bit.

    hope your weekend is going well and enjoy your 'day off'. It's really cold dull and miserable here so plan a bit of a quiet day methinks.


  • How awesome - you sound great and what an excellent time to be in good spirits before you head off to Turkey! Such a diverse country I hope you get a chance to see many things.

    Cauliflower rice is cool when you can get it right - I have even made a pizza base using grated cooked cauliflower.

    It tasted great but gee its a lot of work :)

  • Hi Dave,

    Looking forward to a bit of sight seeing, I've never been before and off course trying all the food !!

    Cauliflower pizza base well I've never seen that on MKR lol, can't imagine it did it go crispy ??

    Hope it's all good your end and you are feeling ok.


  • Thanks Dave,

    It's going into my book !

    Have a good week


  • Sorry gave you the wrong link - here you go :)

  • Wow flossie...go you! How amazing are you! Have a lovely holiday if I don't hear from you before you go....enjoy!

  • Hi PP,

    Thanks, it's all going good, mind you I'm sure it's subconscious damage limitation before the 'all inclusive frenzy' begins !! Lol


  • Leaving on a jet plane....who sang that?

  • Think was Peter, Paul and Mary ??? not sure where that came from, most days forget my keys !! Lol


  • OMG,

    I'm watching vintage tv music channel and guess what is one leaving on a jet plane by Pete Paul and Mary ooh er missus lol


  • Go flt away, you'll have such a great trip. Congrat's on the weight you might add a few pounds while away but get back on the horse when you get back. This is a once in a lifetime trip enjoy. Come back it had with the exercise and new diet, Pinetest has great recipes for cauliflower dishes. I make a mean pizza. creamed cauliflower was missed at Thanksgiving for mashed potato's.

  • Hi cherv,

    I know will put a bit on but hoping not much.Still planning on eating healthy but I'm so looking forward to trying all the local foods, it will be the desserts and cocktails that will be hard to say no to but ....... we'll see lol..

    As you say once back it business as usual and on a week it will all be a memory !!


  • I love cauli rice, but can't quite get my head around the fact that it seems such a terrible thing to do to such a beautiful vegetable

  • I've never tried cauli rice before, but considering I use veg as substitutes for all sorts of things, I think it's time I had a go. The kitchen could do with being decorated! :)

    You're so upbeat and motivated, I'm exhausted just reading your post and shall continue to strengthen my core by standing on one leg :)

    I hope you have a fantastic time in Turkey and twin beds :)

    Big hug right back at you, you deserve it. xx

  • Hi Moreless,

    Big lol, at your core exercises love it xx😎 Will try then on holiday when looking at dessert table !!

    Hope liked the cauliflower rice, did it look good on the walls ? Lol


  • Enjoy your holidays! Ummmmm cauliflower rice sounds so nice I may have to steal this recipe.

    Keep up the good work!

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