struggling to be motived

HI Team,

My problem is red wine. I am generally good with eating healthy and some exercise. I am unhappy at the moment,, Job looking as really not enjoying my current job. I am finding myself drinking way to much red wine and I know this is not helping me lose weight! I need to lose one stone. It's easy to say stop or cut back, I am finding it hard. Any suggestions. Annette


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9 Replies

  • Hi Annette, can you stop having red wine in the house, or just buy one small bottle each time you crave it (just one!) I really sympathise with this. It was also my biggest challenge at the beginning of the NHS 12 week plan but you can definitely overcome it :)

  • Hi Ruth, I will start to take control with your help. I will start the 12 week again with strength as no point in trying to lose weight if wine is there. Way too much. thank you

  • Hi Annette, I think that everyone has that one item that they struggle with, for me it is chocolate 😢 I think the key to not over indulging is to distract yourself with something else (not food related!) every time you want to have a glass of wine. I read an article online about how cravings are not hunger signals from the body, but are signals from the brain, telling you that you want it, for no other reason than the instant high it gives you. I have yet to put the distraction tactic to work, that is what I am going to try and do this week. Good luck with resisting temptation, I know you can do it! Jo ☺

  • Hi, If stop the chocolate and I will stop the wine, just think how much weight we will lose and I know feeling better will be great. I can't remember the last time I actually felt great, positive and happy. Now that's sad. I am going to do it and happy to report my progress. Good Luck to you. cheers :)

  • Thanks! I'm think I'm going to need it. ☺

  • Hi Annette, Hope things pick up for you soon. Sorry to learn about your job stuff. Work should be fun, challenging, a place to grow, a place to develop, a place to do something with some meaning and too often that just isn't the case - but its still a job.

    Alcohol has been my poor prop for too long - decades to be honest. As a way of relieving the stress of a pressured role and the bad behaviour of others a bottle of red was often the answer, but for me its been a poor one.

    Best to have a drink when you're happy not down is my experience! Drink in company and drink when you are out! Its supposed to be fun!

    As for you job - there are two things to think about here.

    One, how to make right here right now tolerable if not rewarding. &

    Two, what to do to move to the next point on your career trajectory.

    As to the right here right now - this can often come back to assertive communication - reasonably requesting what is rightfully ours - whether thats feedback, respect, consistency, communication. If its a case of its ling like you might be moving on then why not decide what you'd like to do instead or next. which brings us on to part two. Whats your plan? When we have a plan for where we would like to go next we immediately feel more empowered. Apply that you how you feel right now, your health, your weight, as well as your job. How can you use the situation you find yourself in right now to get what you want next?

    Remember S### happens! its how we deal with it that matters.

    Have a look at this little video from Dr Mike Evans - passed on by a friend I found it really insightful!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • Hello, brilliant advise. I am going to start tackling one thing at a time. I know when happy, we see everything different. I will motivate myself to get to the gym, walk the dog more. I need a routine. Thank you so much. I am feeling more motivated to get a life. :)

  • Great advice and thanks. I cannot afford to take a cut in fact I need the opposite right now. In Logistics! Started job looking. Joined a gym and getting there more - forcing myself. I love the outdoors so need more of that. I love helping out and love kids, good idea. Planning on helping out at the soup kitchen for Christmas this year. :) I know i just need to change my habit re the wine. do the opposite and stay away. cheers

  • Hello,

    I love the gym normally and swimming. I have always worked out. Just getting myself motivated out there. I do go on great walks as live in Southport, great sand dunes, so excuse.

    No wine today and I will stay positive to a big NO for months. cheers

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