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Had my last official weigh in after 12weeks on the NHS My Weight Matters. I've taken their advice and made small but significant changes to my diet. I exercise now and I feel good. As a full time Carer, my "free" time is rather sparse but I've adjusted what I can. Having lost 4lb in the first week, I was already planning a wardrobe update by week 12 but things slowed down. The advice is 1-2lb a week and, on average that's what I did. A couple of weeks, I only managed to loose 300g (see how I switch to metric when it's only a small amount!). But as my Boyfriend reminded me, a loss is a loss. After 12 weeks, I've lost a total of 20lbs and do you know what? I'm feeling proud, actually, I feeling very smug. I did that! I made the changes, I exercised, I ignored my chocolate cravings and I now feel so much better. I will continue, I may even pop in to the NHS centre and get weighed a few times but, because the changes were small, because of how I now feel and because it's what I want, I intend to continue. being a Carer for my Mother means I rarely get to do this just for me but this, the weight loss and the exercise, this I'm doing just for me! Gosh, selfish and smug in one post, that's new!


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5 Replies

  • Hi Twiglet you have obviously done really well as 20lbs is a lot to lose in 12 weeks. Quite right to feel smug. Hope you keep going. 💐💐

  • Thank you Gonti. I shall continue as the weight loss and increased activity has made me feel better than I have done in years. I even treated myself to a trip to the hairdressers!

  • Fabulous life changing for you, well done indeed. There is nothing wrong with being selfish, we are taught this is a bad thing - its not when balanced and actually means doing something just for you to make you happy that is not selfish, that taking care of yourself; as only then are you fully able to attend to others. So hold your head high you did something wonderful and are feeling happy that's not smug in the slightest. Be well

  • Well done, you should feel proud

  • Thanks. I'm in a good place right now and I plan on staying here a while

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