Friday weigh in

Last week 12.8st, this week 12.7st. Glad to be losing even if it's at a slow rate. This week was a very busy week work wise so not always able to eat what I would have liked to have done but also last weekend meant that I wasn't at home eating more either so swings and roundabouts. My husband has gained weight this week so maybe we have upped the portions as we have eaten similarly. I always make him weigh himself on Thursday eve now so I have some guide as to what to expect! Anyway thank you so much for all the lovely comments re the new boots this week. They get their first proper outing today! I hope everyone else's week is going well ☺


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13 Replies

  • Hi Juliet444, well done on another 1 lb gone this week. I like that you get your husband to weigh in the day before and use him as a guide, that's great. My OH weighs in every day which I don't agree with but that's what he like to do so I leave him to it.

    So the boots get there reveal today :-) work it girl ! :-) your gonna look fabulous and feel fabulous in those today. Have a great day showing off your boots and a great week

    Trafford1 x

  • Thanks Trafford 1. Typical it was probably the hottest day of the year so I had to abandon boots mid afternoon. Hey ho have a great weekend ☺

  • Well done you. Every little counts. Good luck this week.

    Primrose 😃

  • Thanks Primrose. Have a good weekend ☺

  • 1lb is a very respectable loss. If you think your portions at home were getting bigger, maybe that means you were extra vigilant when not at home, being busy is working for you. Enjoy striding out in those boots, have an excellent day :)

  • Thanks , so typical it was the hottest day of the year so boots got abandoned mid afternoon. Have a good weekend ☺

  • I started out at 13st 6lb a week and a half ago.

    Weighed myself today and I am 13st 2lb.

    That should keep me motivated :D

  • Hi Juliet,

    Go girl another one bites the dust !! Had a chuckle at hubby weighing before you is that love or what ❤️

    Hope your boots got a good first outing, you are a bad influence I have ordered a black pair from QVC , hope they fit !.look forward to hearing you've got your coat, saw a lovely orange one today mmmmm !!

    Have a lovely weekend


  • Thanks Flossie, hope you enjoy wearing your new boots too. I suffered with the heat today so had to change them for a pair of pumps mid afternoon. At least they are half worn in now. Have a lovely weekend 😊

  • I weighed myself and the total number is:122 lbs..

  • Well done ☺

  • Thank you! I'm going to see what next results show. Should be interesting.

  • Hey juliett, slow and steady.....hare and tortoise. This is shedding for ever!

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