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First weigh in (again)

Here it comes.

I'm sat there in the doctors ready and waiting for this number, my starting point.

I've gained 3lbs. No where near as bad as I thought. 17st 12 lbs so just shy of the 18 stone mark.

Is it just me that is like yay I have a starting point?

So plan of active.

Healthy sleeping habits.

3 normal meals a day.

Healthy snacks.

No eating after 8pm.

Need to write and think about exercise. I was reading some post and I remember I have a set of dum bells which I haven't used yet so going to set a weekly eating and exercise plan and mark and wrote down what and when I eat and how I feel. Whoop emotional eater.

Next weigh in Monday 12th October.

Any ideas, tips or anything at all is helpful. Even tell me how your day is :) xox

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I am pretty sure that you will be surrounded by emotional eaters here so you're in good company :)

Sounds like you are on the right track and it's now time to start putting your plans into action.

I have tried many many many times to lose weight but this time around I decided I would grab and try every single tool I could find, discard those that didn't work for me without getting bummed about it and keep those that gave me benefit.

We are all different of course but these work great for me:

1. Myfitnesspal app. A fantastic and really easy to use food logging and calorie counting app. Its free and it does all the work. SO easy to use plus after you give it your stats you get a calorie goal and also goals for macronutrients like sugar, fat, protein etc. You can scan barcodes on food so you do;'t even have to type them in! and I love that I can import recipes from the web with the click of a button and it matches up ingredients, serving sizes and tells me the calories.

2. Fitbit Flex. Cost me about $100 and has paid for itself in no time. Its a constant reminder to keep moving and I find it invaluable.

3. "Cut The Fat" podcast. Never been a podcast listener but I started listening to this because I needed to find a distraction for when I was driving home and the supermarket was yelling at me to buy chocolate as I drove past. Hard to think chocolate when all you can hear is health, health, health in your head PLUS have learned a great deal from it.

4. Plan, plan, plan. I sit down once a week and plan all my meals. I tend to be a pretty standard snack and breakfast eater (trail mix, boiled eggs, strawbs, yoghurt and either eggs or porridge for brekky) so I only have to plan lunch and dinner. Once I have done that I then order my groceries online which saves time (and temptation) and I am set for the week. I am an early riser so I spend 45 minutes or so prepping my food for the day - its cheaper then buying out and also means you are not stuck for a healthy meal or snack - thats the worst thing for me as I always gravitate to junk.

5. Make a contract with yourself to do 30 minutes exercise a day every day for 30 days...rain, hail or shine. There is nothing worse than those first few days where your head finds every excuse it can not to put the shoes on and get out there pounding the pavement but after 30 days straight I now look forward to my exercise - never thought I would be saying THOSE words! :)

These are my basics and as I said everyone has different stuff that works for them - don't fall back on standard things you have always done when you diet as they clearly do not work. Mix it up, try new things, find new tools or different exercises...you can do this.

I know you can. :)


Take a photo in your underwear, front and profile, and measure yourself. Sometimes even though the scales don't move that much you can see dramatic changes. I wish I'd done this at the start.

I had already lost over 5 stone when I started doing this but the difference in the last 5 months has been dramatic and really helps to keep me motivated.

Get your head right and go for it.


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