How old do you need to be?

Hi everyone!

I noticed that some of you have been reporting posts from new teen community members. So, just a quick reminder that people under the age of 16 are prohibited from creating an account and becoming a member of HealthUnlocked:

If you don't know how to report users / content to admins and HU, please have a look here:

Thanks for the help!

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  • Thanks for clarifying that point, although people can lie about their ages :( It does always concern me that although most people give them the advice to speak to their parents and see their GP, there are some people who just go on and give them details of things to do. It also worries me that the young people could be being Private Messaged by unscrupulous people.

    In future, I will report all such posts, and hope that others will do the same. It also begs the question are these actually under 16s that are posting or people pretending to be young people?

  • Which posts are from the teens? I must've not seen them recently.

  • I'm 70 years old does this count?

  • I am 74 years old and wondered if I am too old

  • I am 71 yrs old, you are never too old to change your life for the better. I know its hard I have tried to lose weight over the years, sometimes successful sometimes not. I need to lose 2st to help my high blood pressure, I am ok for the first week, then it all goes down hill. but now I am really going to go for it, I must avoid the health problems with weight in the stomach area.

  • maybe the 5;2 diet would work better for you. It works better for me because i struggle with eating less cals every day. I do 3:4 version instead, 3 good days around 700 cals and 4 not so good under 1500

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