Support would be nice?

Hope everyone is well and doing the best they can with their progress in losing weight no matter at what stage they are at. I'm personally struggling to keep motivated - I like eating healthily and have no problems sticking within the 1400 limit, even getting used to exercising - but I just really don't see the point!!!! I'm coming up 48 so menopause is knocking at the door and feeling it. Also I have to take Beta Blockers as have a genetic heart condition, as well as a cocktail of other heart medications. My marriage broke down after I was diagnosed with my heart complaint 3 years ago, then fell into a rather destructive brief relationship which really destroyed my already fragile self-esteem. But I did take courage and walked away from the situation. But I feel a weight of daily struggle to keep on track as not sure why I'm trying so hard!! I don't want to moan too much and appreciate that in each individual way we all have stuff to deal with - I could just do with a boost and would really like to know the realistic expectation of weight loss and beta blockers.


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  • Hi CazCip :-) You're in the right place if it is support that you are looking for ! I can't help answer the question about weight loss and beta blockers, but it sounds like you are already halfway there to tackling the problem if you eat healthily and can stick to the calorie goal. Are you already doing the 12 week NHS plan or doing something else ?

    There is a weekly weigh in thread run by Lowcal and her lovely helpers on a Monday, which helps with support and keeps us all accountable. There are lots of success stories to read, as well as the usual moans and groans about things not going right - so don't worry about having a moan yourself.

    Regarding exercise - what kind of thing do you do ? Have you yet to find something that you feel the love for ?! Personally I hate the gym, but I love walking and have started the couch to 5 k running program to get back into running - we've started keeping track of distance as a weekly challenge (can be however you like - walking, cycling, running etc) - perhaps there's something there that might tempt you ?

    Good luck with whatever you do and I hope you get the support you are after :-)

  • Thanks for responding, I was scared!!!! I'm on the NHS weekly plan, week 4 have lost 3 llbs so far. I swim 3 times a week for 35 minutes each session, swimming constantly all 3 strokes for a bit of variety, plus need to do back-stroke to get my breath back. A yoga class for 2 hours on a Thursday. Walking the dog daily minimum of 40 minutes.

  • Hey - don't be scared of us ! We are all very non-scary people (except for Dave1961 when he shouts in capitals - he's a tiny bit scary :-O !). Sounds like you are doing really well - great weight loss so far and eating wise and exercise sounds great :-) It does sound like you just need a bit of a mental boost - hopefully posting lots on here will help when you are feeling a bit down :-)

  • HEY! lol

  • ;-) :-)

  • Hi there - just look in the mirror remember, that person looking back at you she is the most important person and you are doing this for her.

    I would love to see how you stuck to the calories I am really struggling to be good. I just don't have any will power at the minute.

  • That's the issue, don't actually think I'm worth it!!!! The calories, I love veggies which makes life easier and always have a huge bowl of thinly sliced raw cabbage, onions, carrots and a whole loads of herbs in the fridge and eat it raw with everything and its the biggest thing on my plate. Replaces pasta, rice and potatoes most days. I think it's because it takes time to eat and chew so it fills me up and the texture is great. Great in a small wholemeal tortilla wrap for lunch, or snacking on. Breakfast is a must for me, and mix sunflower, pumpkin seeds, blanched almonds, prunes with 0% fat Greek yoghurt or porridge (made with water no milk at all). I also don't go without stuff, to satisfy any sweet cravings I have a mini ice cream and never keep biscuits, cakes, crisps or anything like that in the house. Also I don't drink which also makes life easier. Oh yes I weigh everything and am OCD about recording the calories, when I feel that hunger pang, I have a fruit tea or go for a walk with the dog. Good luck and thanks for responding, helps me not feel so alone.

  • That's great progress to have lost 3lbs so far, especially considering the potential challenges you're facing with the beta blockers and menopausal side effects. You sound very sorted for exercise. Hope you will join us for the Monday weigh in. If you don't want to state your actual weight then you can just say how many lbs lost/gained or whether you stayed the same. It's a friendly bunch on here :)

  • Thanks, think I might take the plunge to help morale when feeling low

  • Good luck :)

  • I can't answer about the weight loss with beta blockers either but I can speak with experience about the other stuff. You may think you're not worth it now, but as time passes and you heal from the two relationships and learn to enjoy your own company that will change. Support will make all the difference, both here and possibly in the form of some counselling to help you get over the other things. And in the meantime, if all else fails, as I find with my two spaniels, your dog DEFINATELY thinks your worth it :)

  • Thank you, as he sleeps on the sofa next to me.

  • Welcome to one of the most friendlist and supportive forums I have ever come across. Congrats on your weight loss so far. Your healthy eating and exercise sounds exemplary. Lucca and I have just started a 'kicking the kms to dust' weekly challenge group. Given you walk your dog everyday - do you want to join us?

    Lizzy :) :)

  • That would be supportive and nice - how does it work?

  • You set a target of how much you want to walk/run and then aim to achieve it. Mine is 60km, which is a tad ambitious but hey!! Do you have a Fitbit or pedometer or GPS on your phone, which calculates distances?

    On Monday we will have a thread so everyone can comment on how they have got on.

  • Ok will check in

  • I am not in the least bit scary :)

    I don't want to assume but it sounds like you are suffering from some depression? Have you considered speaking to a healthcare professional about this?

    Your weight loss should be between 1 - 2 pounds a week and there will be some weeks where you don't lose or even gain a ;little - that's just the way things go and this is a long term journey not a quick fix so not every week will be wonderful.

    You make it sound as though 48 is ancient when in reality you are probably only half way through your life so you still have plenty of years to enjoy the benefits you are creating right now.

    I am 54 and have battled my weight all my life and in the last week or so was having similar thoughts about why bother after I had had 5 fantastic weeks and lost more than 20 pounds (I weigh almost 300 lbs so thats why of course!).

    I have always suffered from depression but found that magnesium in large doses was the thing that really helped me, along with having a routine to stick to. I recently neglected my dosages for a couple weeks and the last week or so has been hard - I only realised yesterday it was probably because I had skipped a lot of doses of magnesium but I guess my point is that depression can play havoc with uis and considering everything you have been through i wouldn't be surprised if you might need a little help in that area?

    I love this forum because no matter how low I feel I always know I can come here for a hug and a chat to get me back on my feet again :)

    So please don't focus on how old you are but instead focus on how much life you have left to enjoy!

  • Thanks, will give it a go and try to stay positive. Good weight loss by the way.

  • Hi there.

    I started with a BMI of 40.1 and at that time I was taking beta blockers. By the time I had lost 6 1/2 stone I started to,get dizzy spells and a really low heart rate. Went to docs and I was taken off beta blockers as due to weight loss and exercise I no,longer needed them. Think I will be coming off blood pressure medication soon.

    Also bad knees and sciatica cured.

    Obviously though only your doctor,can advise you heather weight loss would help your condition or not but I'd like to bet it can't hurt and would almost certainly help.

    I hope you succeed in whatever you try to,do.

  • Thanks great to know that losing weight with beta blockers is achievable. My cardiologist has stated no matter what I have to take all my heart medication for the rest of my life, as cannot get any better, just have to work really hard to ensure not get any worse. Fabulous weight loss by the way, well done, and not having to take meds must be such a boost.

  • Beta blockers had no effect whatsoever on my weight loss. Since I've been off them my weight loss has continued at the same monthly average as it did while still taking them. They also seem to have had little or no effect on the exercise I've been doing before and since.

  • Then you are very luck indeed, there are many different types, many different dosages and used for different conditions. There's no issue with my blood pressure, and never was, its the hearts itself that's the problem and my heart rate has to be kept at a pretty constant low level else it all goes haywire. Carry on with the good work sounds like you're doing really well

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