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So far so good

This is the 3rd time I've returned to this site after falling off the wagon and going down the unhealthy food path. But this week I've been mindful of making sure I just get my three main meals.

It is Wednesday and I've had 5 days of home cooking.

It's been proving easier with simple meal planning. Aiming for this pattern to continue as It feels more doable than joining a weight loss club.

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Hi GW,

You can do it, maybe look back at what made you fall of the wagon. Don't be hard on yourself, it sounds like you are making a good start.

You are in a good place and sound ready for change and yes joining in here is more doable than a club, there's loads of support, humour and reality.

Look forward to your post, don't forget to measure self as well inch loss is a good as the Ibs 😃

Have a great week



Hi Flossie, thanks or kind words. Measure self perish the thought. I'll make it a target to measure self when i'm feeling a bit more comfortable. Yes that's a plan. Thanks for the suggestion.

you have a great week too!

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Congratulations thats great!

I do the same - I just find if I don't have something prepped and ready I usually end up eating junk.

I plan a week in advance, order my groceries online and then spend half an hour a day prepping and cooking for the day ahead - for me cooking in the morning is what works for me - then again I am usually up and about by 5:00 or 5:30 so it helps to have that extra time :)

Keep at it - you can do this - I know it :)

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Thanks for the words of encouragement Dave, sounds like you're up with the larks like me.

I tend to be a bit spure of the moment. But i am more mindful when i shop now.

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