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Hi All,

So I thought I'd rear my head and say hi as I'm new around here. I'm a 22 year old student and currently at a BMI of 30 (sob!).

So, enough is enough and I've decided that this is it. Previously when I've tried to lose weight (and succeeded with losing a stone and a half but then piling it back on again) I've always fallen short on the support side of things (someone to honestly admit to that 'Yes I did miss that run' and 'Yes I am disappointed in myself' sort of thing). I'm hoping that this might be a support network that could keep me on the straight and narrow?

Truth be told I can't actually remember a time when I was a 'healthy' weight for my frame (how sad is that?!) but have always been described (by elderly distant relatives who you see about every once in a blue moon sort of thing) as "big boned" and I basically want to shoot that big boned myth to smithereens.

So, here goes... today I weigh in at 13st 10lb and tomorrow I start the road ahead with a fitness test and gym plan. Wish me luck :)

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So...your big day is TODAY! Fantastic decision. Do not see it as a diet but as a change of lifestyle to a healthier YOU!

About the big boned myth, I was also told that for a long time. It is very frustrating because I too believed it for a long time, and I was even thinking I was NOT obese because of that, thinking the weight of my bones was skewing the results. Truth was this has delayed me taking action for a long time and I regret it. Like for many people, a glance in a mirror at a friend's house ( I do not have mirrors in mine!!) was like a real trigger (I know it's amazing as my situation was clear to all who know me but to myself!!).

Hang in there, join our Monday weigh in, ask questions, share your highs and lows, and hopefully the nice people in this forum will also come to the rescue and help.

Wishing you all the best for today.



Well done! you will get loads of support on here!

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Good for you. I wish I had faced up at 22 instead of waiting another thirty years... Find delicious affordable food and fun exercise that you enjoy, nudge your friends into healthy socialising and hopefully you won't need a support network to nag you, just to cheer. Best of luck


There's definitely a great support network on here - post and post and you'll get loads of replies to help spur you along. There's a weekly weigh in thread on a Monday which is really helpful as well. We've also started up a weekly distance target thread (walking/running/cycling/dancing - whatever you feel like !) if you want some additional motivation. Are you going to follow the NHS 12 week plan or have some other plan of attack in mind ? :-)


Luck! Thats an interesting one. Luck is the combination of increasing opportunity and being prepared to take the opportunity when it comes along!

All you need to do is make choices consciously, expect good things to happen and enjoy yourself.

It was weeks until I got my BMI down to yours - but it was only weeks - one at a time. Make conscious choices one day at a time and they add up! You are doing so so well to have spotted this at your age. I spent more decades than I wish to think about being really overweight and didn't know any better.

You are so far ahead of the majority of the population!

Little Victories!

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Good for you. I am in the same position as you with a BMI of 30. I've decided enough is enough I don't want to be "big boned" anymore. I have set myself half stone targets to not be so daunted by the end result I'm hoping to achieve and also set myself a massive challenge to be ready for Tough Mudder which I've signed up for to undertake August 2016. I know how hard it is as I've been here before so I am also looking for support and to be a support to others xx

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Good luck with your first week! You can do it!


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