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7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

When you are in the process of changing to a healthier style of eating in order to lose weight, there may be times when you simply feel like giving up! It seems like you are working hard, making lots of effort, being really good, pushing yourself, staying focused and on track and yet… the results just don’t seem to be coming, or coming very quickly.

This can happen on a regular basis, especially if you have quite a lot of weight to lose, and it can make the whole experience feel unpleasant and stressful making it difficult to stay motivated and ultimately successful.

So What Can You Do When This Happens... Remember Why You Want To Lose Weight

To feel happier every day about how you look and feel when you put your clothes on

To feel more attractive and self-confident

To have more energy and be able to do more things

To feel proud of yourself and have a strong sense of achievement

To feel fitter and stronger and hopefully not have to worry so much about health problems

To feel in control of how you feel about food and how you want to look

To feel more confident in attracting a partner

To be able to buy sexier figure flattering clothes

To set an example to your children and help them to grow up understanding how to eat healthily

To be able to achieve a fitness goal, maybe a charity run in honour of someone close to you

Those Are Some SERIOUSLY Amazing Reasons to Grit Your Teeth, Overcome The Temptations, Stay Off the Sofa and Keep Going!

Other Things You Could Do To Help you Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Lose the Diet Mentality.

This is so important, change how you think about what you are doing, so instead of thinking all the time, ‘I’m on a diet I can’t have this or that,’ focus on finding really tasty healthy (whole) foods that you love to eat to develop your own healthy style of eating that enables you to enjoy healthy foods MOST of the time and tasty treat foods SOME of the time. This helps you to get out of the 'on a diet' 'off a diet' mentality that causes so many people to feel negative about losing weight and also increases the chances you will regain the weight if you lose it.

Get Moving

Not necessarily a heart crushing full on workout, but exercise is one of the best motivators, ONCE you get started. Don’t wait for the motivation to kick in, you start first then the motivation grows!

Focus on Healthy not Tasteless.

Healthy eating definitely does not have to mean lacking flavour or satisfying your taste buds, maybe you just need some more variety in your healthy eating choices. Decide on a time when you will have an hour or two to yourself to source healthy, easy to make meals and snacks that you can make ready for the week ahead to keep you satisfied AND on track to your target weight.

Get your Friends and Family Involved.

As with most things, it’s more fun in the right company, so make it your personal project to get your friends and family involved with your new healthy eating plans:

Choose recipes together

Arrange to get out and exercise more together

Have healthy cooking nights/afternoons trying out new meals or snack recipes (kids love to get involved and how great is it that at the same time they will be learning how to eat healthier foods and make healthier food choices for themselves when they get older)

Accept that it will be Trial and Error.

If something isn’t working, don’t assume it’s because it doesn’t work, think of it more along the lines of ‘this isn’t working for me right now’. It may be something that will work in the future, or it may be that it’s just something that doesn’t suit you and your lifestyle. So for instance, if you find you’re coming up with every excuse under the sun to avoid going to the gym 4 times per week as you planned, ask yourself if you really like going to the gym, or is there perhaps a more enjoyable form of exercise activity you could start doing that you will stick to because it’s something you enjoy doing.

Think how many Others You Could Help.

One of the reasons people want to eat healthier, be fitter and lose weight is to set a good example to their children, which I think is simply an awesome reason. So keep going, because it’s not only them that will learn and grow with you, but it’s everyone around you. You can be the inspiration to many people when they ask how you have achieved your new look, shape or weight, they will enjoy sharing your progress and learning right alongside you.

There are no hard and fast rules for what works and what doesn’t... But you won’t know unless you give things a try.

How do you stay motivated? Is it one of the above? Or have you found your own method?

Leave a comment below and share your motivation tips :)

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