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Frying high!

My 16 yo has an early start in the mornings for his 6th form - he leaves home at 6.40 am to catch his bus. It's a long old day and he's an athletic, sporty type - so frankly I think he needs a good breakfast, to keep him going until his huge packed lunch. I've been getting up early with him and throwing together a bacon and fried egg roll / sandwich for him to munch whilst he's on his way. He loves it and I have a rare moment of feeling like a lovely Mum!

So far so good ... but here I am 1.5 hours later and the house still smells of fried breakfast - BAD NEWS - so tempting! My mind keeps moving to the thought of eating fried breakfasts! (Not normally my thing really!).

I think it's just about warm enough out there to open all doors and windows - got to get rid of that smell!!!

He may be on grapefruit segments himself tomorrow.....!

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