Don't look back in anger

It is 2yrs today since I had my stroke and my life has has never been the same. I don't mean that in a drama queen or poor me way I mean it in the reality of life.

Before my stroke I worked hard and played hard, I was a senior nurse manager in the NHS and for most of the time loved my job. I have always been a yo-yo dieter and over the years was 'really good' and would lose weight but always slipped back into old habits so always regained and more.At my heaviest I was 15.10 and not even my husband knows that! I am now 12.3 and a 1/2 Ib.I am scared to count the money I've spend on diet clubs/fad diets/ books/mags all in the pursuit of wgt loss !!

Six weeks before my stroke I saw my GP for my yearly health check and she suggested I needed to lose weight and wanted me to take statins, as much as I like and trust her she sat across from me looking like Buddah, yes very overweight as well and I thought ' I can do this myself' so left full of good intentions that unfortunately never came till after the event.

After the stroke and I was discharged from hospital my sister printed off the NHS 12 week plan for me and although I was having intensive speech therapy and stroke rehab I was determined to change, plus I was really scared I was only 53yrs, and I knew this had to be for ever.

My journey began very slowly as I am left with speech and cognitive difficulties ( that's why my posts are sometimes really stilted because I struggle for words and miss out small words so bare with me !! lol)

I lost my job and was medically retired in Feb 2015 and this was devastating, work was all I knew, I had never has children so found life really empty. All of my friends worked and I was not one to 'Coffee' and it seemed to take a long time to turn around emotionally. This forum has really helped,I dip in a few times a day and it has also helped so much with my thinking, reading, writing and processing skills.

By Xmas 2014 I was doing really great, but the fear had left me a bit and by end of jan2015 was back up to 13st 5Ib, so much for change!! Then end of Jan I had a massive seizure out of the blue, and again hospitalised and need further rehab. I knew then that I had to get this health thing sorted, so for a few months muddled along losing a bit,putting on a bit. I was reading some posts and came across Juliet44, she had posted her weight (it was a Friday) her story really touched me and I decided then to join the gang and I haveπŸ’‹

I added in exercise, I used to walk and I have a dog but that was about it.I now do a circuit class X 3 per week, aquafit on a tues am and at leat two walks into town a week ( about 3 miles) and feel really good.

When I look back I often wonder what would have happened if I'd heeded the GP's advice and done statins sooner, and not messed around for years eating and drinking too much, but hey ho it can't be changed,I am here and feel very glad and lucky to be here. I am not perfect I do make dodgy choices, I am a sugar addict and eat when ' emotional' but over all I'm doing ok.

I will not look back in anger, I look forward to living a long and happy life.( can't think of another song title lol)

Thank you all for your inspiration, humour, advice and support. Sorry for the epic tale but I feel in a good place and want to share a bit of me as you all do.



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  • wow! I think what you have done is amazing; your post is very encouraging - you have done so well in changing your lifestyle for the better. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hi Dee,

    Thank you for kind words, it's onward and downward from here ( scales that is lol)

    Have a great week


  • What a heart warming post Flossie. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us and as much as you you haven't told us this for your benefit, what a truly inspirational person you are.

    Not a complaint, moan or grumble do I hear, but a compelling story for us all to take heed and encouragement.

    Thank you Flossie and so happy to hear that you feel well and happy. X

  • Hi Candystripe,

    Thank you for your kind words as always, sometimes we just have to stand up and be counted in hopefully a positive way.

    I still remember the first post I read from you when you had fitted into your beautiful blouse, it showed me change is worth it no matter how long it takes us

    Lots of love


  • Oh bless you, thank you. I guess it all goes to show that no matter what, we want this for ourselves for whatever reason, even though we walk the same path.

    Good luck Sweetie and long may we continue to support & encourage each other.

    Hope you have a great week X

  • You are amazing and you have really motivated me to keep going as struggling th at moment :)

  • Hi Jo,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Stay strong and go for it even if you are taking only tiny steps it will all come together, honest {{{{hug}}}}


  • Thank you Flossie,

    Your story has touched me to the core.

    It is quite unbelievable how we put off our own health as if it's a pile of ironing that we can do tomorrow, or next week.

    I gave myself a shock when I took out a new pair of pyjamas, afraid that I would end up too slim for them :) I had been saving them for when I went into hospital after my inevitable stroke, or heart attack! I had planned for after the event, but had totally neglected to plan to prevent the medical emergency!

    I am so sorry you put off taking care of yourself until after the event, but I am so grateful to you for pointing this out and giving us all the opportunity to help ourselves.

    You have a truly enviable positive outlook on life and are an inspiration to us all. We could all do with taking a leaf out of your book.

  • Hi Moreless,

    Thank you for your kind words. You are right we think reality will never be us but life does bite us on the bum with a wake up call ( if we're lucky)

    Wish I had thought of the pj's my husband rolled into hospital with my dog walking trousers and top thinking they were pj's not a pretty sight !! lol


  • You've definitely given us a wake up call.

    I'm amazed at how useless men can be sometimes :) At least they would have cheered up the other patients :)

  • Wowee! You are a star. What a fabulous post.

  • Hi Linggirl

    Right back at you, health stuff is a bugga eh honey !!


  • Hi's a privilege to know you on the forum. Your such a supported and cheerleader..and to share this with us is truly generous. Shame about your taste in music..Bay City Rollers for goodness sake!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„

  • Now now Princess! dont you be laughing at one of my favourite bands - Les McKeowan was a looker in his day :D - but yes, I agree Flossies post is inspirational. - and I moan about MY health !!

    P.s - Look back in Anger ? ...its Oasis :D

  • gosh, I must have dropped a pound of brain ! What am I like...I just remembered a post about flossie and Mr flossie dancing away to 70's music...

  • Bay City Rollers :-O PP - you are losing that musical touch !!

  • Libby and flossie started this! I was a David Cassidy girl!

  • Hi Libby,

    Thanks for your kind words, and from another Rollette ( I think I might have made that up !!!) fab.

    Hope GP went ok


  • Yay the Rollers! You know I was meant to be a respectable married woman in the 70s so its only now I can confess my guilty crushes . My daughter thinks Im mad when I put on their CD in the car and start singing Bye Bye Baby :D

    and yes, thankyou I did somewhere with the doc. Im posting about it tomorrow.

    How about Northern Soul? Are we keeping the faith ?? :D. xx

  • Hi PP,

    Thank you for some of your kind words!!! BCR rule just wait and see !! lol.

    Shang a Lang 😱


  • You and Libby are both mad as hatters!

  • Flossie, that's amazing, I guess we just don't see what everyone's dealing with behind the scenes. I see you as an upbeat person who has a way with words that always makes people feel a bit brighter after reading your little supportive halo'd messages. Never would have thought of anything like stilted speech or long slow recovery from stroke and seizure. It sounds like in reality you're dealing with a lot of fear, and you're dealing with it really well. Your bright outlook is part of how you deal with it all. You've come so far, a real privilege to know just how far. People will find it hard to make excuses not to focus on the 12 week plan and do their exercise after reading this post. Er... so I'm just off to do today's squats now...

  • Hi Rith,

    Thank you for your kind words, my posts do take me ages to write but I really do like keeping in touch and hopefully supporting as and when.

    We are all on different paths in life but coming together here we are all the same,fighting to be healthier, fitter and slimmerπŸ˜ƒ

    I loved your squat challenge and I'll be back on it on Thursday so do a few for me till then lol


  • Blimey Flossie what a journey you have had. It is so great that this forum has helped you so much and that you have found the courage and strength to get your life back. You'll never know what could have been and you have to work with what you have now and it seems to me you are doing a damn fine job.

    As you take inspiration from this forum so do you give it and no one can fail to be inspired by you.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Hi Sueper,

    Thank you for your kind words. You have also been a big inspiration I've not forgotten those bags of sugar !

    We're all here for the same thing and we'll get there, and we've got our Xmas outfits to look forward to !! lol


  • Yep, you are right we are all making excellent progress :)

    I am seriously considering buying a load of sugar (the amount in weight I lose) and taking my photo with it when I reach a weight I am happy with. I'll then donate it somewhere - lucky sugar is cheap at the mo ;)

  • Hi Sueper,

    Think the sugar idea is great and how liberating to then 'knock it all down' ( well not literally!! ).

    I volunteer for a couple of hours a week at a local food bank and sugar there is gold dust some even pinch it as its not given in parcels. If you do do it your local food bank would take it.

    I think would make a great photo, why not get the local paper involved or maybe a supermarket would donate the sugar for you. It's your turn to shine Homeybun you deserve it.


  • I would also like to think you for your inspirational story. I, too, am at my heaviest ever and even though I have always had breathing problems at much lesser weights, even I have to realise if I could lose the many many extra pounds I've gained this year alone it sure would help my breathing. Gone are the excuses - I couldn't breathe at 9 stone, so what difference is another stone or 3 ! I will now go and look at the 12 week diet plan and print it off. Wish me luck please. x

  • Hi Kimmy,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    You can make a change, take it slow and steady and it will all come together, it will be worth it .

    Have a look at the plan use the weekly sheet for me it reminded me of what I needed to do exercise wise.

    Keep in touch and good luck


  • Thank you x. I did ok today food wise - have printed off the plan and filled in my diary oh had a really bad/good whoops - chocolate baileys milkshake! Lol. I'll keep going tho. Day 2 tomorrow X.

  • Our lovely flossie, thank you for sharing your story about your life it has really touched me hun :-)

    You have really changed your life for the better and shown great strength and courage in doing so and I applaud you for this. Your amazing in every way flossie and never forget that.

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Thank you for your kind words as always. You have also given me loads of inspiration especially following your recent posts.

    We are all in this for a healthier fitter happier life let's enjoy every moment we can.


  • I wish there was a love button I could click on for this post.......truly inspirational!!

  • Hi Koomie,

    Thank you for your kind words how about a {{{{hug}}}}


  • Flossie, you are doing wonderfully well. Thank you for sharing your story. Good luck with everything.

    Primrose 😊

  • Hi Primrose,

    Thank you for your kind words


  • Wow what a life changing journey - full of challenges and love! You have made me sit up and added fuel to my fire.

    Something I haven't told anyone on this forum. I had a TIA 6 years ago and now I am on Warfarin and Statins. I was diagnosed with APS or Hughes Syndrome. And because of that I haven't done anything about my weight. My haematologist has never mentioned it to me. Of course its staring me in the face right now and your journey has brought it home.

    Thank you Flossie

  • Hi Lizzy,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Health stuff is a bugga eh, but take it slow and steady, it will all come together.


  • Morning Flossie358, your post is so inspiring and shows that lots of members here are fighting more than a weight loss battle. So brave of you to give us all an insight into your life and health issues, you have already come so far and are obviously a very strong and determined lady. I wish you every success in your weightloss journey but more importantly your good health. Finally, a big thank you for all of the support and motivation that you continue to contribute to the forum when you are obviously facing your own challenges in life. Good luck.

  • Hi mrsg3,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I think we cannot fail to be motivated by the inspirational stories we all share here. I love the reality, humour and support given so freely by all.

    It quite special.


  • Aw Flossie - what an amazing, inspirational story :-) You sound like you've really fought back against everything that has happened, as well as your own mindset that didn't allow you to stop the yo-yo dieting. Good luck with your continued recovery and weight loss - you truly deserve all the good things coming to you :-) :-)

  • Hi Lucca,

    Thank you for your kind words.


  • Wow well done

  • Flossie, you wonderful woman. Life threw you a curve ball and then launched a volley, you ducked and dived then stood tall and lobbed them right back. What a post, many emotions here reading it. Keep on doing what your doing hun and well done 😊

  • Hi ShellieL,

    Not sure did all that !!!, still feel I'm ducking and diving and that just the squat challenge !! lol


  • Flossie, you Re a great example to all of us, particularly ua 50 something overweight people who have persistently disregarded sound advise, from experts, loved ones and friends. We have hidden behind feeble excuses including claims regarding endless yoyo diets or unsuccessful attempts. The truth is pat of us need a wake up call or a rsalisationment. It may come as yours as a shock and a medical necessity. It may come slow either realising your own health or mobility issues or just self loathing. Whatever the reason we need to be ready and committed to succeed. Then those that are lucky find a site like this and an opportunity to share the journey with others in exactly the same situation.

    Your a star. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Dave x

  • Hi Dave,

    Thank you for your kind words, I've been rethinking all day if I had done the right the right thing to be open and honest about the last 2 years but life events do happen and I just feel so grateful I'm coming out the other end and if it makes just one person take stock and make just small changes then it was worth it.

    You are so right about this forum and the support, we are lucky to have found it and all the fantastic people that post.

    I wish you well on your journey, keep in touch


  • Flossie

    I also look forward to following your future successes.

    Dave x

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