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week 2 summary...a day late

I've lost only half a pound this week, but am happy with that as I went to 3 coffee mornings during the week; I have to confess I did eat a slice of bakewell tart and a couple of scones - but not with cream.

I'm finding that clothes I struggled to get into are more comfortable and I've been able to wear a pair of jeans recently, that I haven't been able to get into for over a year! Its a lovely feeling :)

I have tried some of the suggestions on here for healthier snacks; one that I have enjoyed is rice cakes with peanut butter, very tasty. Its challenging, and hard work, to change eating habits that have been part of my life for a long time, but I know the rewards will be worth it long term for my health and well being. Thanks for reading x

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Hi Dee, I find it hard too....especially when there's family celebrations and people are drinking and eating ....1600 cals don't go too far! But so agree with you on the benefits...feeling so much better already...well done you!


Life is for living, even skinny people eat scones and bakewell tarts :)

Great news about the clothes :)



Enjoy the scones and the time spent with others. Use it to re-focus for next week. It's not a sprint it's a change of lifestyle. Well done with the clothes.

Dave x


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