I was reading a Guardian supplement on obesity that's been knocking round the house for a while unread (!) and found something which gave me a good motivational fright. It said that one's lungs become less effective when they're surrounded by fat, and that one can find oneself short of oxygen. That explains why I have been becoming short of breath recently... it's not when I move, just happens when I'm sitting or standing still. I have to take conscious deep breaths to get enough air in. Holy Cow!!! That concentrates the mind wonderfully - as if the sore feet, hips, knees, etc. weren't enough. Pretty damned scary. I hereby state my resolve to move away from my sacred bovine state to one of lean giraffedom. Well, something like, anyway.


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7 Replies

  • Well, said the hippo to the cow, I agree :)

  • Oh yes giraffedom would be great! Hope the fright helps you move to a healthier lifestyle. You have found a great forum, and there's the NHS 12 week diet which is a good start, and if you're feel like exercising there's the couch to 5k plan, also on the NHS website. Although I just walk, which is good enough for my weightloss.........

    Good luck with your journey!

  • It's so true

  • Maybe more gazelle than giraffe. Losing weight doesn't make you taller (as I've found to my disappointment!) It's weird to think of all that fat inside us surrounding organs etc, hope it's not a scary kind of motivation, more a kind of matron-like nudge in the right direction :)

  • well posted...I feel better already for the exercise and healthy eating..I wonder how long it takes the body to heal?

  • Thanks for posting this - I never thought of the impact too much weight has on breathing, and if breathing is difficult, it makes exercise more difficult too as you work at a lower intensity. Hopefully this will give me a swift kick that I need!

  • Yes it's an amazingly vicious circle, the breathing/exercise one, let's see if it can be made virtuous!

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