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Too much?!

Have you ever done too much exercise?

I went to Alton Towers a few days ago and everything ached and then was stiff for 3 to 4 days. However I felt really good doing it. Me and my boyfriend did so much walking and for people that have been to Alton towers we walked down and around the gardens, they was so many steps! The only downfall was the pain after the red face and had a few people starring at me.

Exercise really does realise endorphins but I need to find the right balance as having to stay in on my arse a few days after I suppose isn't the best thing. Still I am proud of what I did, my boyfriend who is also chubby is actually rather fit. He's big but he likes to walk and can walk (unlike me), we both felt it which made me even prouder and happier.

I came, I saw, I conquered!

Kahlan xox 🐙💜

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Well done you!

I'm afraid I can't empathise, because I'm way too lazy, but when my daughter first started kettlebells, she couldn't sit down for a week! :)

It can only get easier :)


Thank you :)


Hey Kahlan, I have been there. Been gradually upping my walking this year. One of the occasions I did about 5km but in a gorge which involved lots of steep walking and steps. It took me about 5 days to stop aching. As long as you are not in pain I suspect the aching and being stiff will do you no harm, you have just used muscles you haven't used for a while.

I don't love the walking yet but I do feel really good after and I am now planning on enjoying my walking rather than just pounding the pavements now I have cracked the 10 km.

I am planning to tackle that gorge again in the spring - it will be interesting to so how I cope next time.

Sounds to me like you had a good work out and now you know you can do it I hope you keep it up :)

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Wow you seem really fit. I hope to be that fit and energetic some day :) xx

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Far from it Kahlan but I can at least walk like a normal person now - that was a big goal for me :)

If you keep at it you will get there.

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I'm about six weeks in and my knees are feeling better..up and down the hill with only a slight twinge...so keep on keeping on! Feels good to be on the way to health!


Your posts reminded me of when I walked 1 1/2miles into the Grand Canyon. I was 21 years old and weighed around 13 stone ish. (I put a lot of weight on when I was in America - scary when I look back at pictures).

I was walking on my own. When I reached the top, people who I was traveling with saw my red face, panting, holding my knees. I was exhausted. I left them. I went to find a phone to call home. I had to walk back to the tent. I slept and woke up in time to cook dinner, as it was my turn and also noticed a tarantula was making it's way to the entrance of my tent. I was glad to wake up when I did.

I found out at dinner time that those two people called for emergency medical help for me and they couldn't find me. They didn't tell me they were going to get medical help. I would have told them that I didn't need it. Anyways I survived :-)

Being red in the face does not mean your incapable, sun burnt, unfit or about to collapse in a heap. The next morning I singled handily put everyone's suitcases into the trailer. This surge of energy came over me. I was not fit enough to walk any further in, I was however aware of what I could do and did that and felt awesome doing it!!!


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