Getting close to the 12 St mark on the scales! Whoa!

End of week three and this morning I am 12 St 2 lbs. Only one pound lost this week due to having friends staying and going out three days on the trot to eat so not too bad. I am going to try to lose two pounds this week by being more determined and focused.

I am excited to think that the scales could go down under the dreaded twelve mark in the not too distant future. Thanks to this forum for my support in all sorts of ways.

Week 4 coming up and my target is set!!

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  • Hi Cherry,

    You did well to lose a pound with all the added extras in your life. Who know, maybe you could break through into the 11's by next week.

    Here's hoping :)

  • Thank you moreorless that would be fabulous!

  • Oooh so close! Good luck!

  • One pound off is one pound off! Two a week is a really realistic target. You can eat well, exercise at any level and hope to lose that amount.

  • I do hope so! Thank you for the encouragement!

  • Hey - well done, especially with all that socialising. You must have made some good food choices :-) I'm sure you are going to blast that 12st mark this week !!

  • Good luck with getting those few pounds off to get into the 11's and well done on losing a pound this week that's great.

  • Hi cherry, it's great to burn off a pound of fat ....whilst having a taste of real life celebrations...well done you!

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