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Motivation lacking... anyone seen it?


Morning lovely people!

I am struggling. My diet has crept back to being a bit rubbish - not main meals, but just snacking, and stealing the kids leftovers (what is it about that that make them so delicious?!). Plus I'm injured, so can't do my usual run off the bad stuff. Need to get motivated and get back on the proper plan as of today!

I've put on 2lbs in the past 2 weeks due to lack of exercise, so the diet really needs to get better.

Hopefully posting on here will give me to impetus to do it again.

I'll post on Lowcal's weekly update next Monday, that's should spur me on.

Have a good week all!

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Hi mum,

Why not post on the Monday weigh in today, it'll make you accountable and keep you motivated.

I used to treat myself as a garbage disposal unit too, until I realised that's what the council had given me the little bucket for compostables for! :)

All the best for this week.

mum_of_3 in reply to moreless

Ha! That is an excellent analogy - I really do act like the garbage disposal unit. Must utilise the actual one!

I will take your advise and post on Lowcals weigh in. I think accountability is what is missing (and I find myself fibbing to the hubby if he questions why I have chocolate - that's bad isn't it!)


So agree moreorless it's not easy to change your mindset and bin any left over food from children, husbands etc! I am learning to do it! Meh!

Can your children clean their own plates off? Getting them to stop eating when they are full is a good habit - helping you might be another!

Garbage disposal - I like that! You deserve better!

I had to be a cupboard fascist and got rid of anything at all snackable in the house - permanently - I do keep a packet of Almonds - good for the heart and they suffice for the occasional nibble, but thats all. The Kids will survive on apples if thats all thats around!


You can do this :-) Just think about the week ahead, no further. Really make a great effort this week to ditch the snacks and leftovers - you'll lose some weight and then that'll be a great motivator for the next week, and so on.

Eating the leftovers is a nightmare I know - except I'm normally eating the 'beforeovers' if you see what I mean (snacking whilst I'm cooking !). Still, I've managed through determination to just about break the habit - good luck to you :-)


hi mum of 3 its hard when your trying to lose weight and then you eat your kids leftovers, self control is hard whilst dieting but that's what is the hardest is self control and with having an injury you like me have comfort eat it is not good and one thing you will have to remember that why your not active the weight will increase instead of going, i understand, i'm disabled and exercise is hard to do anyway but when your injured not sure what your injury is its soooooooooooooooooooooo easy just to eat i hope you will find help now you are here if i can help your with any advice please feel free to ask take care Alan xx

ahh the kids left overs. That was a difficult one to tackle, but it can be done. Just bin it or tell the kids to clear their plates when they are finished. There have been many a time I wanted to eat these and had to stop myself. Will power is all that takes mum_of_3.

Once you get back into your routine it will all just fall into place and before you know it those extra pounds will fall off again.

Remember this journey is for life and the longer you stick with the changes it will just become your routine and you'll not think twice.

Plan, plan, plan and don't stop planing and prepare anything you can in advance I find this the easiest way to stay focused and keeps me on track.

Good luck and let us know how you get on :-)

Good ideas towards the end of this post. You are right about trying to change your mindset so that being careful and sensible comes naturally as a habit. I notice that this alertness is something that my slim friends practice!

Hi I know where you are at but no worries you can do it! Snacking is the devils work! I have just had half a banana when the evening munchies descended. Good luck this week. You know you can do it!

Thanks Cherry!

Hey mum of three....posting is a good idea...keeps us in the zone and focussed...good luck this week

I find preparing my food for the day including snacks keeps me full, my favourite snack just now is tinned fruit in fruit juice mixed with plain Greek yogurt and it really fills me up but sometimes I can't be bothered and that's when I go off track. I don't have any kids at home now though so don't have that temptation. Good luck x

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