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Hello everyone so my first three weeks were successful I lost 5 pounds! However since then I have completely fallen off the wagon! I am eating more than you can ever inagine and I just can't stop or get a grip on things!!! Has anyone else had this issue and what do you do about it? I am going insane but I can't stop it :-( I know I am going to be piling on the pounds but that doesn't seem to bother me when I am stuffing my face and then I feel so guilty afterwards :-(

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Hi, I have just completed my week 3 and it wasn't pretty. I found myself being complacent as I had lost 13 lbs so I found myself picking at the kids meals and sweets and the biggest sin Not counting calories!!!! 😫. weigh in this morning and I regret it.

So, I have come here got Inspired and dusted myself off. I know I can do this so bring on week 4!. Good luck to you x

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Hi Hannalou,

Get yourself over to the Monday weigh in, it may help to make you feel more accountable.

Get rid of edible yummies you shouldn't be eating.

Start posting and replying more often, to keep you occupied and motivated.

Stop beating yourself up for being human. It has a very negative effect and actually makes the bingeing worse.

Good luck for the following week :)


You're not alone with these sort of urges. Don't beat yourself up if it happens, just start afresh the next day. I have a binge last week where I went on a chocolate hunt after finishing off loaf of bread one evening. Felt bad but then behaved myself the next day. Don't let it get you down, or stop you continuing with your diet afterwards.

If chocolate is your thing, buy some dark chocolate. You're less likely to finish off a bar of that and a few squares of that at day isn't going to kill your diet if that becomes your evening treat. For when the binge urges come - be prepared. I'm munching on carrot sticks as I type! Do I like carrots that much? No. But it's stopping me grazing on other stuff and I had them all ready in the fridge as I'd cut up the carrot yesterday in anticipation.

Recognise you have a tendancy to binge. Do treat yourself with something so you don't feel deprived. Be ready for when the urge to graze comes along with pre-prepared healthy snacks.

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hi Hannah welcome to my post it is hard losing weight to start with but to maintain the interest in dieting is what i did like you i enjoyed my food so what i did was on the diet all week or until my first month was gone, see how much i'd lost in that month then once a month treat yourself to a takeaway or what ever takes your fancy but then back to the diet the more you use self control and try doing your diet this way is not only you can reward yourself with the weight coming of but also keep your diet interesting by having different things to eat in your diet. i hope this helps and remember your not on your own i'm having to lose weight for a life saving operation take care look forward to help you if needed your new friend Alan x


Hi Hanna, you've been a bit quiet on the forum.....so when you get bored, if that's one of your triggers, pick up and post...see if that helps...good luck this week!


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