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Weekend retreat

Had a lovely weekend away with good friend.

Absolutely stunning setting with dog walks from the door .. So of we set and a good time was had by all.

Hearty cooked breakfast... Done in arga! Light snack for lunch then evening meal.

Afraid there was a few whiskeys drank and some crisps munched as the world was put to rights.

I hope the inclines bunt off what was ate.

All in all... Very good for the soul .☺️

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Sounds wonderful! What's really good for the soul..has to be good for the heart too!


Sounds like your soul was truly rejuvenated. Back on it this week 😃


Sounds idyllic HH,

Glad you had such a good time :)


Hope the hounds had fun too


That sounds such fun. I had not quite so much fun blitzing the filthy house... but sang loudly to Magic Radio throughout which diluted the horror quite a bit. Well, for me, rather than the neighbours - should upon reflection given them earplugs.

Ate a lot of wicked stuff in the evening - some sort of twisted idea of reward. But weighed myself this morning for the first time since I was about 16 (am now 56!) and the shock of it will I hope have startled me back onto the straight of narrow. I need to lose 3 stone.

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Ha ha Guanabana, the 1812 overture is my preferred dust busting music, but fortunately I don't have any neighbours :)

Don't worry, 3 stone's nothing, you'll sort that in next to no time :)


Thank you Moreless, that's just what I need to hear! Amazing how horrible it feels being this overweight though - little pads of flesh have appeared in all sorts of unnerving places. I was never a sylph, but have now to buy such enormous clothes that if I don't lose those 3 stone there won't be a garment left in existence to fit me. Determined to slim down. Sober October should help.

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As far as I'm concerned, you're already a sylph.

I need to lose 8 1/2 stone just to get to the top of my normal weight and I get my clothes from Rent-A-Tent! :)

You'll get there :)


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