10 km Charity Walk - Nailed it!


So as some of you know, I have been practising for a 10km charity walk which I signed up for in June. I panicked back then as I had just hit the 5km mark and was not sure I'd make it but I am pleased to say I did and still managed to walked into the town for some well deserved lunch.

Some of you will also know that in January this year I could barely walk 1km as I had let myself become so unfit so this is a massive achievement for me.

Several work colleagues decided to do the walk too which was nice but also added pressure on me as I worried I might fail in front of them. HOWEVER, I was the first of them to finish :) So far from looking silly I greeted them as they came in!

Finally, I had to wear a white tee shirt - I wasn't built for white and very self conscious but a few people said you could really tell I lost weight because of the white tee shirt.

So all in all a good day and I raised a few quid for charity :)

Thanks for all your support lovely forum friends :)


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22 Replies

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  • Brilliant, sueper!

    I hope you feel proud of yourself, because you should do - if you will pardon the pun - you have come a long way!!!!

  • Just a quick note - you have inspired me!

    I live on the isle of Wight and there is an annual fundraising event for our local hospice. It's called Walk the Wight, and its a 26.5 mile walk along the coastal path along the south of the island ( or you can do half, or an alternative flat route)

    For the past 15 years I have sat back and quietly admired those who have taken part - at the same time as wondering if they are all mad!!!

    After reading your post, I have decided that next spring, I'm going to have a go!!

    Now, I might not do the whole walk.... But I'll certainly be having a go at the half distance!!

    Thanks sueper!

  • Wow NiCherry that is quite a challenge! At least you have plenty of time to practice.

    I think it's a great idea to set yourself a long term challenge like this though as it means you will have to keep up your exercise.

    Half distance next spring and maybe the whole distance in 2017?

    Good luck and I am pleased to have inspired you. I will be signing up for the same walk I did yesterday for 2016 to make sure I remain able to walk 10 km and I plan to do it every year :)

  • Yes, it is a bit of a challenge, isn't it?

    The thing is, though, I have lost over half a stone since joining this forum. Something I *never* thought I'd be able to do. Additionally, due to my weight loss, I find it easier to move and walk, which is in turn helping me to lose weight!! I swear that I am not so out of breath when I climb the stairs too.

    So, I want to grab my new found health with both hands and hold on to it. Taking part in the walk the Wight will help to keep me focused, help me say goodbye to some more weight and raise some money for a local cancer hospice.

    Plus, both of my daughter's have agreed to take part, so it can be a bonding day too!!

    So thank you sueper - you inspired me to do it!!!

  • Aw that is lovely of you to say and it sounds like you will have a fab, if challenging day :)

    Signing up for something like that is definitely a way to keep focussed which is why I did it.

    You are right about losing weight making it so much easier - I have managed 4 stone so far and it is hard to believe how much easier life is now :)

  • Hi Sueper,

    Huge congrats on a fantastic acheivement, hope you are feeling really goodπŸ˜ƒ Just goes to show what we can achieve with a bit of work and self belief, you'll be running next πŸ’

    Hope you are relaxing now and do not feel too stiff tomorrow

    Have a great week


  • Wooo,

    Go Sue - well done.

    Sorry to bother, I've replied to you again and if you get a chance would you reply to Steph too

    Thanks Rob :)

  • Yay! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ So much good news on the forum today. How long did it take you to do it? Asking cos' I fancy doing it myself.

  • Hi Lizzy, it took just over a couple of hours with no stopping :) It ended with 2 steep climbs which finished me off a bit.

    I can recommend it. Feel so much better now I can walk a sensible distance again :)

  • Sounds just about doable apart from these steep climbs at the end! And you managed lunch afterwards. Much more civilised than running πŸ˜ƒ

  • P.S. Well done for doing it. You've come so far + 10k πŸ˜‚

  • That is really inspirational. Congratulations!! I currently am of the opinion that I am not and never will be a runner. However walking I can do ☺️

  • I can't see myself running either. You burn the same calories running 5 km as walking 5 km but the good news is you don't need rest days :)

    Enjoy your walking :)

  • Hi sueper, what a super achievement! So pleased for you...you're making the difference to the quality of your own life, taking control...amazing amazing achievement πŸ˜„

  • That's really good going, very impressed at 10k in 2hrs, also impressed how brave you were with the social aspect and clothing etc. All round amazing achievement, hope the great feeling of it, the memories, motivation etc keep you going strong for a while yet :)

  • I also did the walk, pleased to say I found it easy and was pleased to raise a good sum of money for Alzheimer's while giving my self a good days workout.

    It is a great way to get in some exercise without pressure. I would love to find a walking buddy. I cant do fast and I struggle with stairs but do find walking a good

  • Hi annde, I found it ok too and still had a bit of energy left :)

    Where did you do yours? I'm in Devon.

  • Aww - that's amazing. What an achievement considering where you were in January. You've done so well :-) :-)

  • Well done Sueper,

    A fantastic achievement. You're a real inspiration :)

  • Well done sueper :-) what an achievement hun. To see how far you have come on your journey from Jan only being able to walk 1km to now walking 10 km is fantastic hun.

    Great job and a day to be proud of, I'm really happy for you x

  • I am rather chuffed :)

  • Superb hun, superb. You must be walking on cloud 9 at the minute, deservedly so. 😊

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