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First roast dinner of my diet!!!!


Morning all!

As the title suggests, I am cooking my first roast dinner since starting my new healthy eating. I'm not looking forward to it ....

I may be blowing my own trumpet, but I do cook a damn good roast! Roast potatoes, roast parsnips, homemade gravy made from the meat drippings. Yum!

I'm considering skipping breakfast, just so I can indulge a little? Is that terribly bad? I'm not planning on piling it high....just the one roast potato and maybe a couple of tablespoons of gravy - the rest would be lean pork and veggies.

Plus, according to myfitnespal, I am consistently under my calorie limit!!

Decisions, decisions!

Be good, and like the numbers I see when I step on the scales?

Treat myself, because I have been really good and deserve a little treat?

What would you do, friends?

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oooh - that sounds lovely (except the parsnips !). I would treat yourself - as you say, pile high the good stuff and moderate the not so good stuff - enjoy :-)

NiCherry in reply to Hidden

I think I deserve a roastie, at least!

ConcernedAmbassador in reply to NiCherry

You certainly deserve the best NiCherry; try roast sweet potato instead of potato?

Roast diners are our saviours.....pile high the not roasted veg...lean meat and a very little of the roast..pots...etc

Yum! And you must be doing very well.....feeling good.

I reckon today is mini treat time. Roast! Yum!

Yes, I'm still losing weight, and it for indeed feel pretty good!!!

I would have a lovely dinner with some potatoes, maybe one boiled, one roastie, LOADS of veg - one roastie parsnip - and LOADS of your lovely gravy, and ENJOY !!

Because if you enjoy it, and dont feel deprived , you will be full and you won't be tempted to binge later or quit the plan for today due to guilt.

I have just one question for you-

Can I come to your house at dinnertime ? It sounds wonderful :D

I reckon you could be right - I would feel decidedly cheesed off cooking all of that for the family to eat but not letting myself have a little!!

Thanks, guys!

I re-read my post, and realised that if someone else has posted the same question, I would have told them to go for it! As long as it stays with in the calories range, there is no reason not to, is there!

Now, I can barely wait for my roast potato. Not overly bothered about the roast pork, I just want that roast potato!!!!


I base my decisions on health, as well as how good it tastes, and how satisfying. I wouldn't say never, but very seldom eat potatoes, turnips, gravy and other high-glycaemic/refined carbs that spike insulin, choosing healthier options instead.

I have been experimenting with breakfast over the last few days, and have found a couple of eggs with a little natural fat such as soft cheese to easily see me through until lunch-time, and I believe individuals have to try and learn for themselves on the whole (but we don't have to step under a bus to know it's going to hurt).

I started out with the view that an eating plan has to be realistic. I know it's just not true that I will never eat a roast dinner again in my life, so I had to learn how to incorporate it. I've had 2 or 3 roast dinners in the 4 weeks I've been doing this and still lost weight. It sounds like you have the idea spot on, lean meat, limit the potato and pile on the veggies. You already know what you are doing, and deserve your roast dinner - enjoy!

nickynoo772st 7lbs

Mmmm sounds lovely enjoy!

I did it!

Lean roast pork, a single roast potato, a single Yorkshire pudding with big portions of peas, carrots and spinach - I even had a splash of homemade was utterly, utterly delicious!

The whole meal cost me just over 600 calories, but I didn't have breakfast and I only have it once a month, so I'm not going worry too much about it. I'm still with in my calorie allowance, so I think it's well worth it

My daughter bought me a chocolate bar today to - a topic - as a reward for doing so well. Bless her! Her heart was in the right place. So I opened it and chopped it in to bite size pieces, then put it in the freezer. The idea is that I can have a nugget of sweetness when the urge takes me!

Thank you for the support!

Oolou in reply to NiCherry

If it was only over 600 calories, then there's no reason to feel guilt. It was your main meal of the day after all! Glad you enjoyed it!

Sounds good to be. I love a roast and still have them occasionally but miss out the roast potatoes and parsnips. No yourkshire pud too. Mash made with zero fat yoghurt and lots of veg.

Remember - its just food . . . Separate your emotions from your calories. Choose wisely & you'll be right and happy :-)

Yes you are going easy on the right things, so enjoy it!


Absolutely nothing wrong with that NiCherry, it's just another meal and why shouldn't you have it and enjoy it.

I had roast chicken, roasted veg, broccoli and cauliflower cheese and loved every mouthful! :)

Enjoy your roast dinner , I am new on this site so trying to get my head around things is it bad to ear boiled potatoes even though they are in my calorie x

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