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Wheat and Lacto intollerant

Hi everyone.

It's been a while that I wanted to start this and finally decided to do it.

Quite a challenge since I am already wheat and lacto intollerant so my diet is already pretty difficult, and given that I am also a 4th year student about to start her last year!

Crazy idea, ahah, I know.

I was wondering if there is any specific (i.e. wheat- and lacto-free) diet on here that I could follow which would guarantee I get the right amount of fibres and diary anyway. Sounds like other previous attempts at diets or my dialy diet may not be good/work for looing weight because of a lack in these.

This would also help me with using the next three months as my detox period before starting to re-integrate wheat and lactose into my diet.

Secondly, I was wondering if you guys think its too much to also try and avoid wheat and lactose completely, whilst dieting and increasing sport activity? I have been avoiding them most of the times in the past years anyway, being intolerant, but I know it would require a lot of will power and was wondering if those of you who have done it before think it's too much of a shock for the body/mind or an important improvement?

Should I maybe do it with just one of the two at a time?

And is there someone on here or any other NHS website that could guide me in reintegrating them?

Or should I ask my GP for support in this? And are they allowed/obligated to do so or should I ask to be referred to a specialist?

Thank you all so much!

And wish me good luck. :)


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Hi Fran, I have been wheat and dairy free during my whole weight loss process and it has been fine (as a result of doctor's advice in May). Lots of people on here are avoiding standard wheat-based meals anyway, looking for low gi alternatives etc, and there are a few veggies too (I'm veggie but occasionally eat some fish too). I've been referring a lot to old school vegetarian cookbooks which have good well balanced healthy recipes showing you how to use alternative grains, nuts, pulses etc. Lots of advice online too if you google "balanced vegan diet" etc. Besides from that I basically just followed the NHS 12 week plan and used myfitnesspal to count calories. I've had lots of post workout mashed banana porridge or homemade granola, generally lots of oats, it all seems to work okay 😊


Hugh F W's recent cook book "Light and Easy" is wheat and dairy free, so could give you some good ideas for meals.

If you have been diagnosed as wheat and lactose intolerant by your doctor, there is a possibility that you could be referred to a dietician for advise. if you can't tolerate these foods, cutting them out will not be a shock to the body, but should come as a relief. What may be a shock is discovering how many foods you have to avoid.

If these foods are a problem for you, are you sure you want to reintroduce them? It is perfectly possible to be healthy and lose weight without eating them. It does mean that you will probably have to cook most of your own meals from scratch, as the commercial food products are often full of unhealthy additives, sugar etc.

I can't have anything containing gluten (wheat, rye or barley products) or lactose. You could try Lactose-free milk, if you want to stick with dairy. Foods like full fat plain yoghurt and hard cheese have a lower lactose content than milk, so may be OK for you.

Perhaps have a look at the Coeliac UK website for ideas on food. There are a lot of wheat free, lactose free recipe sites out there, as Ruth has said. You could look at Paleo websites if you are not vegetarian. This is one site I find useful, although you do not need to eat the amount of protein recommended, unless you are a body builder.



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