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Is healthy eating contagious?

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Strange question, I know, but I suspect it is....?!

You see, my husband is quite set in his way. A meal is not a meal without a fairly large portion of meat. Veggies? Not so keen on. Potatoes, peas and sweetcorn, he will eat. If he is feeling adventurous he might go for carrots.

Well, we watched a programme a while ago which looked at quorn. It was very interesting, and I learnt that it actually helps to lower cholesterol. So I picked up a small bag of quorn mince today. My husband took it out of the basket and put in a larger pack and said "well, if we are both going to have a go, we need a bigger bag", and then wandered off!!!!


He could do with losing a lb or 2, and he had been taking an interest in my meals (I'm not making the rest of the family follow my diet!). Last week, he pointed out that my dinner looked better that his!

So yes, I believe healthy eating is contagious!

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Was that the 'Eat Well For Less' program that you saw the quorn on ? We saw a bit of that episode and saw them making it. We eat quite a bit of quorn, and I've really got used to the taste now (or rather the fact it is fairly tasteless and needs lots of spice !) If you haven't tried them, the Chef's Special sausages are delicious !! And my daughter really likes the escalopes with mozzarella - however, in my opinion the sliced quorn chorizo is a bit of a disaster !!! :-)

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Yes, that's the programme!

The shop I went to only stocked the mince and steaks. I didn't realise there was a wider range! I'll be going to Tesco to do a big shop soon, soooo I'll keep an eye out for other items!

We will be having the quirk mince tonight. I thought we could have 50/50 quorn mince and beef mince in a Bolognese sauce. Fingers crossed, he will like it!

ElissyRestart April 2020
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Enjoy it 😊 I think Quorn is fantastic!

I used to love eating Quorn, but I seem to have developed a severe intolerance to it a few years back 😩

Keep hoping it will go away ( used to have it with egg and then bananas, but both are fine now).

But everytime I eat even a tiny bit of it I suffer badly for about 2-3 hours afterwards.

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Oh that's such a shame Elissy - I do see on the packet that it warns that some people can be intolerant to it. Hopefully it will eventually go away :-)

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I find the mince is really good in bolognese and chilis etc. You don't get that greasiness that you get from some beef minces - I'm not sure that I could go back to using normal mince now because of that. They also do some 'chicken' pieces that I use to make a pie with mushrooms and tarragon (using the lighter puff pastry) - I bet your husband would like that ! I think your idea to mix the two is a really good idea - gradually replace the whole thing eventually !


Hi NiCherry,

I really think it is. My OH eats exactly the same as I do and thoroughly enjoys it. I just make their portion a bit larger :)

I have never developed a liking for quorn.


It is having a similar effect here too. The hubbytastic is definitely losing weight. Not that he has admitted it.


Is quorn healthy or is it hype? How did our species ever manage to evolve without it?

i can often feel the same about football, John cage, Leonard Cohen, bay city and definately Maccy d πŸ˜‰

Love it...I think it's because you're not trying to convince him, just letting him make up his own mind....brilliant!

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