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Fresh Start!

I have not been on this site as decided to try and do another diet(liquid) and was unsuccessful!

I have decided to succeed in a balanced diet and plan to start on Monday. I have spent over 40 years on numerous diets and need to take control as I am obese.

I will get organised and start fresh and aim to loose each week .......I would love to hear from others on weight loss tip and motivation.

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Hi drama10, you have joined the right forum if you're looking for support and motivation along your weight loss journey. Everyone here is on the same path and we're all looking to achieve similar results. The NHS 12 week plan is a good starting point, it recommends small changes each week which make it easier to stick to. Good luck.

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Echo what mrsg has said. And maybe start walking more

Good luck 😃


Hey you've got some good advice so far....post and reply to posts keep me in the zone...good luck...ps I'm five weeks in to the twelve week NHS plan and ten pounds shed...it really does work!


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