Week 3 Weigh In πŸ‘Œ

Well I had a few hiccups at the start of the week! Ate a few things I shouldn't have & thought I wouldn't have lost anything this week! But I've been pretty focused for the past 4 days resulting in a loss of 1lb! Happy with that considering I thought I wouldn't lose anything!!! 1 whole stone to go until I reach my goal weight! Alcohol detox is also still going well, would love a drink tonight but I'm gunna stay motivated!πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

Start Weight - 10.12

Last Weeks Weigh In - 10.8

Today's Weigh In - 10.7

Let's see what Week 4 brings! Have a great day everyone 😊


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11 Replies

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  • Hi glrxxx, well done on losing another lb. Absolutely brilliant!

  • Well done on your determination! Keep going it's all worth it!

  • Yeah, go you!,, pound a week is excellent...you'll be well at goal by Christmas!

  • Well done for that loss - even with a few naughty things ! Just shows that even with this, a few days of strictness can help undo any damage and the secret is just to get back onto the wagon quickly :-)

  • Well done on your loss of 1 lb this weeks your doing great ! grlxxx

  • What a motivating message. I have just had two days of celebration (eid festival), and I have 5 more days to my weigh in, and I was thinking there is no more point being strict as I've started the week so badly, but now thanks to your post I feel motivated to go back to my plan!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Definitely can undo the bad days with one or two strict days. I always to that and it works for me. You have to stay motivated even after a slip up.

  • This community will do that for you Nassaybah, keeping you supported in your goals. So forward on everyone Grlxxx a pound is great.

  • Thanks, you have inspired me to get myself in gear again after a few days of not counting calories and planning what I eat. All is not lost. I'll cut out the booze and plan what I'm going to eat and get back on track. Get thee behind me biscuit tin!

  • Well done on another lb gone forever! Keep up the good work and you'll soon have that other stone off πŸ˜ƒ

  • We like nice surprises, don't we :)

    Well done you and good luck for the 1 stone goal.

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