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Losing weight

This is my first time. I suffer with back pain. Had spine fusion years ago. I also have have had a stomach by pass. Just lately due to back pain my weight is creeping back. My activity is walking with crutches , which I try to do daily. But my weight is not moving ,I weigh 16stone not good, having been browsing on Internet and finding this site I thought I would give it a go so here I am.

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Hi Caroline62, welcome, you've found a friendly supportive forum here. Have you taken a look at the NHS 12 week plan? Maybe read back through some past posts, look at what other people have written, get a feel for what people tend to ask here, although to be honest nearly anything goes. Feel free to ask any questions etc, and let us know how we can support you :)

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Hi Caroline 62, and welcome to the forum!

Everyone I have met here has been really understanding and helpful!

Sounds like you have had a bit hard time.

A lot will depend on the causes of your weight gain. Is it because you can't excersise due to intolerable pain? Are you comfort eating, and if you are - could you be a little depressed? If you are on pain meds - could weight gain be a side effect?

I'd suggest a trip to see your gp, to check these out.

Personally, I have found that the best thing is to make small changes, over the course of a few weeks - the changes are more likely to stick. If you try to change lots in one go, you may find it harder to stick to?

Good luck!



Ruth and Nicherry are brilliant...what an awful time you've had over the years! I don't need to say anything about sixteen stone and a bad back...your feeling it on a minute by minute basis. Pain is a dreadful thing. So...as Ni says...seek help from GP. And post and reply to posts here to keep you motivated, in the zone...and in my case...out of the fridge.😉


First step taken! Well done. Now cut down your calorie intake and you'll shed some weight and ease up the pain. All the best on that and do say if you want ideas for low calorie meals/foods.


Have you tried seated exercise the move it or lose it site although focused on the elderly have some good seated exercises.

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Welcome first you have had some great idea's given. Ruth with checking the diet site and others seeing your gp. I would find that helpful since you band surgery and wonder do you have pain and complications from that? When it comes to exercise I would suggest taking an aquatic class, easy on the limbs and relaxing but reduces body fat all over.


I'm sure walking with crutches will be fairly exerting. Diet is the major part of any weight loss so don't let the fact you are struggling to exercise put you off. Focus on the food and make healthy choices.


Hi Caroline,

I can't better, or add to, the advice you've already been given, but I would like to welcome you and wish you all the very best.


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