Open omelette?

Open omelette?

This was today's lunch for me. I'm not a cook so I just call it an open omelette, not sure if that's the right term lol. I serve it open on top of a couple of lettuce leaves, so that I can see everything in it, and it looks more on the plate because it's not folded in half. I don't think it really matters what you do as long as you know what's in it nutritionally and you enjoy eating it eh?! Anyway, calorie counted the whole lot at 300 cals and delighted to be eating it! Long may this new way of eating continue for me, I'm really enjoying my new relationship with food and don't feel guilty about eating any more because I'm eating more of the right stuff!

Happy Friday folks!


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29 Replies

  • Looks yummy WW :)

    I too have a new and exciting relationship with food and I've regained my love of cooking. I challenge myself to how many healthy veg I can sensibly get into each meal :)

    I've come up with some tasty creations and the OH is appreciating it too :)

    Ahh, this is the life! :)

  • It's good and fun isn't it?! I'll have a bash at any kind of combo I cant think of and if it turns out not so tasty I chalk it up to experience lol! Unfortunately hubby and son are very very picky eaters and completely stubborn, so I get what I can into them. I'm probably only successful in getting them to eat any vegetables because (a) hubby can't cook, won't cook and (b) son need to go run about and get rid of all the energy he built up from being stuck inside a classroom all day! The main thing is, I'm prepared to work with my calorie counting and not give up, the one day a week they have chips, I have a stir fry, and I actually prefer it, not a big fan of chips tbh! So we work it out with a small amount of planning and everyone's happy!

  • I'm lucky, I only have to cook different meals when the grandkids are here, but even that has become an enjoyable challenge :)

    I make potato wedges for the non-fatties and I have roasted veg with sweet potato and to be honest, I prefer my option :)

  • My friend was going on about sweet potato recently and, rather ridiculously, it's something which I've never had in the house! Shocking, but I keep forgetting to get some and experiment with it lol. When I was growing up, our diet was VERY basic, meat and two veg style, didn't deviate much from that formula, no stir fry, curry, pasta, rice, etc, etc, at all - it was all potato based due to money and the fact that you could get a huge sack of spuds from the local farm for not very much money! Anyway, I have broadened my horizons in adulthood, thankfully, and discovered a wealth of tasty food, so it's all good!

  • Life's all about learning. I've just bought my first artichoke and had to google how to cook it :)

  • Just remembered the "sweet potato" convo lol! I had some roasted sweet potato with a Sunday roast and it was absolutely delicious, loved it! :-D

  • Great! They are delicious :)

    I won't be buying any more artichokes though - I cooked the dratted thing, then couldn't work out how to eat it! :)

  • Artichokes are great, although people differ about what to do with the 'choke'. The Italians peel one leaf at a time and dip it delicately into dijon mustard, throwing the 'choke' away when they get to the middle. I think maybe a youtube video is needed to know how to eat artichoke! You can always just slice the thing once cooked and add it to omelette etc of course...

    Edit: or buy them in a tin, much easier too!

  • Thanks Ruth, but what exactly is the choke?

    I just looked at this brown spiky thing and didn't know where to start. It went brown because I couldn't be bothered to paint all the spikes with lemon juice :)

  • Just buy them chargrilled in a tub from Sainsburys, moreless - much less hassle !

  • It's 40 miles to the nearest Sainsbury's! I think I'll go for frozen peas :)

  • You'll be walking there and back soon :-)

  • Sorry about the delay, but I'm having problems with the site again :(

    If I was to do an 80 mile round trip, I'd be wanting something much better than some bloomin' chargrilled artichokes! :)

  • The choke is like a venus fly-trap centre bit, looks like lots of tiny teeth pointing in to the middle. I had an artichoke 'properly' when I lived in Italy briefly in the early 2000s. I have to admit I haven't had a fresh artichoke since. Didn't know that about the lemon juice. Does sound like way more hassle than just buying the tins etc :)

  • I think the lemon juice stops them oxidising (like avocados and apples etc) ?

  • I'm assuming the tiny teeth are inside the big spikes, I never got as far as dissecting it :)

    Way too much hassle :)

  • That sounds like a better option for me :)

    How do you edit?

  • Click the arrow down next to the 'Like'. I just typed 'edit' in case you'd already seen the first version.

  • Thanks Ruth, you learn something new every day :)

  • If you want to be 'exotic' about it - call it a frittata :-) Looks lovely though - we have chickens so I'm always wondering what to do with an excess of eggs. I should make one of these more often !!

  • Thank you, that does sound far more exotic if I happen to make it for anyone else! I just went on the hunt for "frittata" recipes and I found one which contains a staggering 12 eggs! My jaw dropped in disbelief, then I calmed down when I read that it serves 4-6 people - lol!

  • :-) :-) That would be quite a lot of eggs in one go !!

  • Would save a lot on loo roll though ;)

  • :-D - definitely not good for weight loss !!!

  • Omelettes are a great sensible option which I've added to my weekly menu :)

    It looks lovely.

  • Hey Warrior, love trying to fold a huge omelette...ends up looking like a Dr who landscape....

  • lol @ Dr Who landscape! I know exactly what you mean! If I leave it open I can see how much stuff is packed into it and I can chicken out of trying to fold it too lol!

  • I had omelette this week too, with leftover roast potato and butternut squash and some sliced tomato all mixed in. I cut it in 3 triangles like a cake, had 1 slice and my bf had 1, and saved a slice to have cold the next day for lunch too (was delicious cold too). Was 6 eggs altogether, so 2 per person. Some frittatas can be epic, full of cheese, herbs etc. I do like just a basic omelette (I also have it 'open', though I try to turn it over, not always successfully!)

  • I bought a set of two ceramic type non stick frying pans (the cheaper version, I think it was £20 or £25 for the two of them). The smaller one is perfectly sized for one person. I only used one egg in it, with a bit of milk, whisked it up, lined the pan with it then put half a green pepper, a salad tomato, some mushrooms, and even 30g of reduced fat cheese. It came out at 300 cals I believe...I worked it out before I cooked it so I didn't mess things up! I don't turn mine over...I cannot remember which programme I saw it on, but a good while back I remember one chef chap putting the omelette pan under the grill with the handle sticking out. So I do that on a low heat too, because the small amount of egg would never tolerate me turning it either. I'm living and learning all the time!

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