Friday weigh-in!


Another 3.5lbs gone! For good!!!

I've been very very busy at work recently (hence the lack of comment/posts) and had a bit of a wobbly week as the increased pressure at work came quite suddenly and I hadn't had a chance to plan ahead. This meant I was finishing work tired and hungry and diving in to Morrison's to grab a pizza for dinner- which I knew was a poor choice, but it was quick, and easy. Which when I think about it, is exactly how I ended up in this position in the first place!!!

Anyway, I managed to get back on track for the second week by planning my meals and stocking the freezer with lots of veg, fish and chicken. The added exercise from the extra work is helping a lot too. My 'normal' job is desk bound in my local hospital. My extra work is in the medical records department, walking around a *huge* warehouse and climbing steps to pull people's notes ready for their hospital appointment - so far I manage about 4 miles per afternoon. So I'm walking, stretching and lifting (some notes are massive!) which is giving me a whole body work out, and I get paid for it. Win!!!

I've started to eye up items of clothing too. I'm not really 'into' clothes shopping, but I wonder if that is more to do with not being able to buy nice stuff that fits. In my head, I'm starting to imagine (fantasizing?!) myself being slimmer and being able to buy nice things that fit me.

Highlight of the week - my husband told me I was looking good this week. Apparently my skin looks better, the bags under my eyes are disappearing and I seem to have more energy. And I'm happier, according to him. I can only assume that is down to a much improved diet.

So the numbers are :

Starting weight = 19st 7

New weight = 19st 0

Weight lost this time = 3.5

Total lost = 7lbs.


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14 Replies

  • Fantastic NiCherry, 1/2 a stone down and almost into the 18's! :)

    What a bonus with the job! My goodness you'll be super fit and toned in no time and I'm sure it's going to send those excess pounds tumbling :)

    How marvellous that your husband can already see the difference in you and that you are now visualising your amazing new wardrobe.

    Good luck to you for the following weeks :)

  • Thanks moreless!

    I must admit.... I'm feeling a damn sight better than I did a couple of months ago!

    I still have a long way to go, but this is the most hopeful I have every felt about changing my diet. Previously I would "go on a diet"- this time though I'm just eating healthily, so *nothing* is banned, which means I don't feel deprived.

  • I know exactly how you feel and this is my final change for life too :)

  • Well done - it is amazing how just half a stone can make you feel and look so much better:)

    Stocking your freezer with some homemade ready meals is a really good idea.

    Good luck for your next weigh in :)

  • Hi NiCherry, this all sounds so positive. You've spotted the benefits of the extra work as well as stopped the bad habits slipping in that might have resulted from it. Its amazing how soon after improving your diet you see the benefits in terms of energy, mood, skin etc. I think you should def get some new things, it does get more enjoyable when you start finding things you really want to wear again. Good luck for this week and getting into the 18s :)

  • Well it *is* payday on Monday.....maybe I'll get something small! I think I deserve it!

  • Wow well done, what a great loss in one week! You're doing fabulously, and from reading down the page here, it sounds like you are doing the same thing as me...substitute the bad calorie laden stuff for healthier and far less calorific things which fill you up at the same time because you can eat so much more! I think frozen stuff is an excellent idea too. I've been getting frozen vegetable stir fry from Tesco, because if you're in a rush or even just stumped on what to make for dinner, it's quick, and as long as you pay attention to the calories on the bag and make sure it doesn't have any hidden nasties you're fine. I think the whole bag was 164 calories and virtually effortless to cook. 1 cal fry light spray in the frying pan, chuck it in, I added a tiny bit of water and a chicken oxo for extra flavour and there was so much of it I didn't even bother to add any noodles or rice!

    Sounds like your job will have the pounds melting off you too. Again, very well done on your huge loss!

  • I have stocked up with loads of frozen veg, so I can stuff myself with the veg and just have a little chicken or fish with it. It takes no real effort, and I have to admit....I don't really think about having pies and pastry for dinner anymore!

  • Well done NiCherry. 1/2 stone lost is fantastic!

  • Thank you jo-belle!

  • Congrats Nicherry! Won't be long before say cheerio to the 19s and sassy into the 18s 😊

  • Nicherry, doing well...have you got time to check out morrisons ready meals for eh really tough long shifts?.

  • I'm be going shopping on Monday, so I'll have a look. I take it you rate them - any I should avoid?!?

  • Well done on your loss of 3.5 lbs this week that's great ! :-)

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