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Fibro and stuff

Hello. I know it has been a while since I last posted.

I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Now this explains all the symptoms I have been having and my recently diagnosed IBS.

This also explains the fatigue and weight gain.

However despite my best efforts to lose weight, I have gained one pound since 1st sept!

Unless I am not trying hard enough?

I am doing a series of mini challenges to raise money for Sense, a deaf blind charity to help children and adults who cannot see or hear.

My challenges are:

Walk 10,000 steps for 28 days between Sept to Dec,

Swim 22 miles in a local pool in 12 weeks,

Give up chocolate,

24 hour fast on Monday 5th October.

So far the giving up chocolate has been easy. I am a self confessed chocoholic but wow! Doing this has been easy. I had hoped the weight would drop off me. Not so!

I have done 6 days worth of walking 10,000 steps. I have swum 40 lengths so far.

Walking and swimming does help my fibromyalgia symptoms to lessen.

In my last post I mentioned about the live well stations where you can weigh yourself, have your body fat measured and your blood pressure taken.

On the plus side, my body fat is going down, albeit slowly!

I'm not asking for advice as I know in my head what I need / should do. I am just expressing my frustration at not being able to lose weight as much as I would like!

Cheers for reading this post!

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My advice Dotty.........put the scales in a cupboard and forget about them for a while.

Give yourself time to appreciate the positives in your life. Your wonderful charity work, your increased physical activity, your ability to beat chocolate, your reduced fibromyalgia symptoms and your lowered body fat.

These are all marvellous achievements that deserve acknowledgement, the miniscule 1lb increase doesn't.

I for one, think you're doing an amazing job.


Hi dotty segs, I think your challenges sound great. Weight loss is very tied in with health, you lose weight to improve your health, you improve your health to be able to better lose weight. When I did couch to 5k I only lost 3lb over a period of 9 weeks, but I know now that it created a great foundation for weight loss afterwards. I think that's what you're doing now too. This all sounds such a positive response to your diagnosis. It will put you in a great position for weight loss, but it may not happen straight away. In the meantime you're gaining fitness and improving your health, which is amazing.


Hi dotty, you're doing well and am pleased to hear that the exercise is helping .....


Well done, you are doing great. I have fibro and I was really Ill for years before finding a wellness coach that helps me to keep active. If you keep up with the exercise that helps your fibro, you may well avoid the worst of it.

Consider getting your thyroid and vitamin d levels checked, as stabilising these had a massive positive impact on my symptoms. I am now mostly drug free aside from thyroxine and vit d supplements.

Happy to pm off board if you ever want to vent

Also, bear in mind when you start exercising, you will be heavier at first ad your body will increase the amount of glycogen it holds, and for every ounce of glycogen there are 3-5 ounces of water held too. This is indicated in lower body fat And higher weight. Drink lots of water and keep going!


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Thank you for your message that is helpful to know that I am not alone. I had a blood test to check some stuff and yes you are right my vit D levels were low. I have just finished my one month cod liver oil capsules to help boost my vit A and D levels. I'll need to buy some more!

I do have some prescribed tablets for night time to help with the pain but I am reluctant to take them regularly as they are anti-depression tablets... I take them only when I really am bad or when I really need it.

I found out this week that drinking warm water with apple cider vinegar and honey helps to lesson the symptoms also, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I have given this a try but it's too early to say yet whether this has made a difference.

Thanks again for your message. It is helpful.

Cheerio for now


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