BMI achieved

15 months ago to the day my BMI WAS 40.1. With a weight of over 21 stone.

This morning the scales finally showed that my BMI was in the healthy range, by 1/4 lbs at 13. Stone 2 1/2lbs. just in the healthy range by a 1/2 lbs. I have also hit exactly 8 stone total loss today so I am really happy..

I remember looking at BMI when I started and my family and myself thought that the healthy BMI weight was too low and it would be impossible to achieve.

I thought it was so low that it never was a target of mine to get to.

My first real aim was to get out of the obese range and I can remember how happy I was when I got to merely overweight as obese is such a horrible word.

I still never though I would get down to the healthy BMI weight but continued my healthy eating and exercise regime setting mini targets such as the next half stone or to get into the next stone down, I.e. 15 stone something getting to the 14 stone somethings.

My next target is to get into the 12 stone somethings perhaps another 1/2 stone. Once I have got there my main target will then be to maintain and have a ceiling weight of 13 stones. Having come this far I now know this is very achievable and holds no fears.

The change to,my life has been immense. Joint problems have gone. I have dropped two lots of regular medication I was on. I am buying more modern, fitting clothes.

My fitness levels are unreal compared to how I was. I am hill walking about to buy a bike and I was someone who would not walk anywhere.

Despite how impossible the task may seem by making little targets along the way anything is achievable. I would not have believed I was capable of sticking to this but said right at the start that I intended to make it lifestyle,change and not just a diet.

I think this has really helped me to continue going on. I've seen too many people I know lose weight only to put it back on again.

Good luck to everyone starting off or on the weight loss journey. Everything is achievable with the right mindset. Eat healthy and say no to the bad stuff.


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41 Replies

  • Aww well done Andy :-) today is a day to celebrate hun and I am so happy for you reaching a healthy BMI and on losing 8 stones :-) Great job!!

    Anything is possible when you put your mind to it and believe in yourself and that's exactly what you have done, so many congratulations from me and a big cheer YEAH! for all of your successes on your journey.

    Way to go! :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Fantastic Andy, I'm absolutely thrilled for you! :)

    I need to lose 8 1/2 stone to reach my healthy BMI and success stories like yours help to strengthen my resolve and belief that it's achievable.

    Very many congratulation and good luck for the final push and thanks for sharing such an inspirational story with us.

  • Amazing, and thank you for sharing. Hearing your success reminds me that yes I can do it. Only person stopping me is me.

    Small goals.. Thanks

  • Yay, well done Andy a fantastic achievement which shows all of us losers it can be done.

    Enjoy your new healthy body :)

  • Bravo! Nicely done.

  • Thank you for your inspirational post and huge Congratulations on your success! How did you lose the weight? I'm exercising well but I still eat too much so weight loss is minimal.

  • Thanks for your reply. With regard to how I did it, probably haven't got enough space on here to reply. I don't count calories, just can't be bothered.

    No processed sugar at all. Don't eat carbs except for my breakfast which is porridge almost every days. I miss bread a pasta and potatoesbut just don't allow myself to have them except as an occasional treat. Drink very little alcohol as it is just a waste of calories.

    Cook everything from fresh. Main meals mainly consist of chicken and fish with stir fried veg or salad and tomatoes. I am using lots of different spices and soy based sauces to vary flavours so food doesn't become boring. I don't get too hung up on fat as it is needed in any diet and tend to fry virtually all my food using coconut oil.

    I only have an apple for lunch and if I feel hungry I tend to have the odd snack of a few raw nuts or a piece of fruit.

    Exercise consists of 4 intense workouts per week of no more than 50 mins interval cardio and weights.

    I'm no saint though and do have very occasional treats of a big meal out or

    fish and chips. I have also had quite a lots of holidays and city breaks during this 15 months and when away the diet goes out of the window. I always put weight on, as much as 10 lbs but always managed to lose it within a week of returning home by being really strict. These are perhaps the only times I do not eat enough but only for a short time,

    Never have takeaways or ready meals and portion control very important.

    I think one of the main things for me has been weighing myself daily. Yes I know weight varies day to day but generally get a very accurate story of what is happening to my weight. I use it as a challange to myself to get that next pound off and if I have over indulged at all, the scales show it straight away which makes me be more strict for the next day or so.

    I believe this is key for me as it enables me to feel,and be in control.

    I know plenty will disagree with this and that's fine but I am just saying what works for me.

  • Well done! Enjoy the benefits of your improved health and celebrate with that new bike!

  • Well done Andy a great personal success and one you should be very proud of. Great to hear how you are feeling much better with less pain and less medication.

  • Amazing Andy well done!!! Such a good post, for me and anyone else thinking I can't do it! You have done brilliantly :) x

  • Yeah!! Well done you!!😀😀😀

  • Wow that's so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your success.

  • Wow, thank you for writing such an inspirational post. Your achievements so far are fantastic and you should be really proud of your results. You deserve to be really happy and I wish you every success for enjoying a much happier healthier lifestyle. Good luck with reaching your final target and maintaining your weight loss, you know that you can do it.

  • Congrats Andyt. I also think the fact you've seen tangible improvement in your health, no longer needing some medicines, is really amazing. Good luck reaching the 12s and then maintaining :)

  • Congratulations on your fantastic achievement and thank you for posting. I too have worried about the BMI seeming an impossible dream so your words are really inspiring. I've achieved 3st off in a 10st journey towards my healthy range. 7st left to go still feels overwhelming and I get the occasional defeatist day so your words will be a great reminder to never give up. Really appreciated & Well done!

  • Congratulations Andy, you must be very proud of yourself and deservedly so. What an incredible inspiration to your fellow lifestyle change buddies, including myself! As for me, following my 2 knee replacements in November and July, I have just started my own lifestyle change commitment now that I can exercise for the first time in around 11 years. I am enjoying my exercise on prescription and have tried gym workouts, swimming, power walking and last night did aqua zumba. It was such fun and didn't feel like exercise at all but this morning I have sore muscles where I didn't even know I had muscles. I'm sure it's a positive pain and I can't wait for the next session! Keep up the good work Andy, as I intend to. I'll look out for future posts on your new achievements.

    Love from me to you xx

  • Well done, fantastic achievement. Good luck with the maintenance, it will be a whole new story/journey in itself but easily doable as you've come so far.

    If you used the NHS 12 week plan to start off your journey then maybe consider sharing your story with the NHS Editor, he's often looking for success stories and examples of what can be done if you put your mind to it.

  • Didn't use any plan to for the first ten months. I then signed up to the body coach on line plan as I started to plateau and get confused by various advice. The Body Coach gave me structured exercise and diet which has been really helpful for the last five months.

    Google it if interested.

  • Well done you! Amazing, celebrate a thoroughly deserved success!

  • That's a really inspiring story. Thanks for sharing it!

  • That's a fantastic story Andy and congratulations :-) You sound like you are in a good place, and I'm sure that the maintenance side of things will be just as successful :-)

  • How wonderful! What character you've shown and I'm absolutely thrilled for you. You'll probably never know how many people will be inspired by this. Thank you on their behalf. Your family and friends will be so proud. Your not so friends will be jealous! Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

  • Well done Andy - that is fantastic news :) :) :) :)

    Thanks for sharing the story of your journey. I admire your resilience to keep it going day after day, week after week, month after month. Don't you find eating out the hardest challenge? I feel like a kid in a sweet shop and my resolve goes out of the window.

    Would you be up for sharing a before and after snap?

  • Top result, Andy - and an outstanding example to us all. Good news that has put a smile on my face. All the very best to you in your new body and life :D

  • Absolutely great Andy well done! As someone who has also acheived his BMI has anyone got any tips on how to maintain it?

  • Many Congratulations Andy What an Inspiring Read :D

    You are absolutely right when you say, mindset is everything, it is the foundation of all the eating and lifestyle choices we make.

    "An unfocused mind goes back to what it knows."

    You did it!... and from the sounds of it are going to keep on doing it! :D

  • many congratulations. you have done well x

  • Well done you congratulations :)

  • Hi Andy2021,

    You have done Great loosing weight I hope I can continue to do the same the motto is never give up,how inspiring just proves you can do it when you try I have another 3 st to loose too.


  • Congratulations! You have achieved so much .

  • This is the most inspiring post about anything I've ever read! What a fabulous account, Andy. Well done indeed, now it's the mountain of well-deserved congratulations that is huge, not you. You are a beacon for the rest of us to follow. Thank you!

  • I have to tell you Andy I'm a bit impressed by that. Well done!

  • Andy, I'm so pleased for you..and inspired by you! Wow!

  • Good morning Andy, I loved reading your post and I am absolutely delighted for you. You have learnt so much and changed everything about your own health and prospects. 😀

  • Hi Andy,

    I'm catching up on this weeks posts, how fantastic and really inspirational.

    You are so right in that we are all making a lifestyle change and one that in time becomes the norm (I've not quite got there yet!).

    I love reading all the posts an continue to be amazed and inspired by everyone's journeys.

    Look forward to hearing you've reached your goal.

    Have another fab week


  • Congratulations and so well done to achieve this is amazing. All the best for the future

  • Fantastic post I'm not sure how I missed it last week but it was such a lovely read, thank you so much for sharing this with us. So inspirational. Thanks

  • Loved your post, just a teeny bit jealous, here I am 3lbs away from being on my ideal ( bmi chart , in the normal bracket).

    So very well done tho, I haven't had the weight to lose you have, will be nearly 2 stone if I get to 10 st 6, currently 10st 9 1/4.

    The final bit from 11st has been this year, after job changes and regaining a few pounds from 10 st 8, after 2013.

    Take care xx

  • Thanks. Keep going and you will get there. Just got under 13 stone today.

    12 stone something always sounds a Lott better than 13 stone something but away on Friday for 2 weeks so will put some back on again.

  • Wow, amazing I am so happy for you and even though I have less to lose (3.5 stones to reach mid range healthy, and I have lost about 1.5 so far) I totally relate to not having the healthy range as an initial goal. I needed to lose 40 pounds to reach that and thought "no way". Now that I have lost 20.75 I am thinking "well, actually it might happen!"

    And I love your emphasis on the mindset. Indeed, this is what makes the difference in the end. Convincing ourselves we do not actually *need* all the things we supposedly crave. Changing the way we look at things. I have learned a lot through this journey it is amazing.

    Thanks for this inspirational post I am very happy for you.

  • Well done Andy - an amazing achievement in 15 months! :)

    Another great and inspirational member of our little forum. :)

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