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Healthy buddy


Hi all

I know you're all my buddies, but I am looking for a buddy to check in with me daily with the hope we can motivate each other and help each other to keep on track. ideally looking for someone in a similar situation to myself or someone that can relate to my eating habits. one stone of 'baby weight' (that's my excuse word for it) to lose. Young baby at home but working full time. Binge eating and comfort eating are my main vices, once ive had one 'bad' food I call the day a write off! Want to make real lifestyle changes and start to really take care of myself as have really neglected my own wellbeing of late. Not the greatest advert for a buddy...any one?

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Hey Kwill, always here but I'm a bit long In The tooth...old! Not in similar position now, but I can remeber what it was like though in your position. I used to come home so exhausted and then, when the babes were in bed have a few glasses of wine...which got larger and larger. Then eat huge meals at nine at night!

This really is the time to make the difference to your health. Don't wait until the weight is five stone to shed! Good luck ....

Please pm me x

Hi I'm a lot older than you but so remember how it was, and still is! I still say 34years later that I'm trying to lose baby weight as I never had a problem before! Try to lose it now or otherwise it stays put believe me. I'm finally losing and this time for good, but it's a first grandchild on the way that spurred me into action! Don't fall into the same trap please. With determination and a little willpower you can do it. Good luck.

I am trying to lose weight for that reason too - my grandson is three months old and his parents tell me once he is off the breast they will be dropping him off to me - watch this space

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Exactly. My daughter wants to work only part time and we will be looking after baby when she does return to work. Good luck .

Hi Kwill86 I would love to be your buddy I binge eat too and want to stop I will help you all the way ski-bunny

Yes please!

I'm here for you kwill 86 any time day or night to chat or answer any questions you may have😊

cherv2019 February

Hi Kwill86 like several I'm many moons older. I have been a fitness trainer long ago and meal planner and did this for my husband. With a new job eating in hotels the pounds came on to the amount of 65, he saw a picture of himself with his grand daughter and his stomach. We had lo's of work he has made it. I would love to to help follow and message me. I'm home all the time being diabetic and epilispy

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Awww thank for messaging and for offering help! Will follow you now

cherv2019 February

I'm by your side any time it takes a team and this site work works like that, super supportive. Pound by pound we all will help you meet your goal.

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