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Reminder to the Monday Weigh-in Group (Fab 5'ers) :-)

Hi everyone,

This is just a reminder post to anyone who wants to post in the Monday Weigh-in Group thread (Fab 5'ers), that I won't be here on Monday 28th September (as I'm off on holiday).

Prin will be posting the thread on Monday 28th September 2015, so please look out for her name. The title will be the same i.e. "Please Join Us for A Monday Group Weigh-in (28th September 2015)".

Everyone is welcome to post in that thread - one or more of the Fab 5 (consisting of Prin; Suzybenj; Candystripe; Ruth_Canal_Runner; and myself, Lowcal) will respond to you at some point during the day. (I won't be there of course, but I just wanted to list all the Fab 5'ers) We also encourage everyone to interact and support one another within the thread, and it does work really well. It's a really supportive and encouraging group.

I'll be back to post the Monday thread on 5th October, and will look forward to catching up with everyone then. Hopefully you'll all be lighter, fitter, and healthier than today. Don't forget that sometimes the weight doesn't always show on the scales, and so taking body measurements can also help to record your progress. :-)

I'm going to post a link to last Monday's thread, incase anyone would like to take a look at the group, and what goes on there. Here's the link:


Please don't respond to this 'reminder' - unless you want to of course, but I won't be here to read any responses, as I'm literally off on holiday later this morning, and won't be around to read any replies. It's purely a reminder. :-)

Take care everybody!

Good luck with all your goals, and hope you all have a great week. :-)

Lowcal :-)

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Have a fab holiday Lowcal - I will be off myself the following week :)


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