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I have gained a lot of weight over the past few years. I am 46, weighing 240 lbs. I have tried so many methods of dieting. I have what I call "the drawer of shame" which is filled with all different sorts of diet pills, cleanses and shakes. I would get minimum results from everything I tried and the results never last; I would gain 10x what I lost. So here I go again making another attempt to shed the pounds.

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First comment. Ditch the contents of the drawer of shame.

Once that is done decide how you are going to approach this.

Perhaps you are going to follow the Twelve Week plan or perhaps you are going to join a slimming group (I go to Slimming World) or maybe you are going to calorie count. What ever way you are going to do it make up your mind this is not going to be a quick fix, and that you are in it for the long haul. You need your head in the right place, you do not need to be on a diet you need to change your diet on a permanent basis

Make your plan, keep a food diary and the very best of luck with your new life 😜


Fully agree with Andee. Fad diets and supplements are never going to work. Looks like you are seeking an easy quick fix and there is no such thing.

Has to be a permenant change of lifestyle to succeed and most of this is about getting your head in the right place. It is fairly simple once you have made your mind up to change. Ditch the bad, calorific, unhealthy foods, use portion control and eat healthy choices. Cooking from fresh helps, lots of veg (not loads of carb heavy ones) fish and chicken or lean meat.

There are plenty of plans to follow, weight watcher, slimming world if they would help,you.

I don't follow anything in particular but am just careful what I eat.

Do,whatever suits you but make it a long term aim. I've been doing this for nearly 15 months now and although I wouldn't say it has been easy, it does get easier and now I can say this is permenant for me and I have had a great deal of success going from well over obese to my healthy BMI now and lots of health issues solved also.

I wish you all the best.


Annde, my problem has always been committing to anything past 2 weeks. I am hoping talking to informative people such as yourself will help me break that viscous 2 week cycle of doom.

Thx for the encouragement! It is very motivating!

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Hi and Welcome :)

I too once had a similar drawer with diet pills, shakes, meal replacements - the things we do to try and lose weight!! However truthfully none of them worked successfully, I lost weight but was miserable using them and once I stopped the weight pilled back on plus more!!

I was once told "medicine didn't make you overweight so it wont make you lose weight" this has proven to be true!

It was the food that got me fat so it will be the food that gets me fit :)

You just got to make the right good choices (which is the hard part).

Do you have a plan you are going to follow?

I also do slimming world and love it, would definitely reccomend it to you x


I'm loving your statement "medicine didn't make you overweight so it won't make you lose weight", if only that message was advertised as much as the faddy diets it could save a lot of people a huge amount of money.


Hey Xaiin...welcome...this is a brilliant forum and you'll get loads of support and cheerleading .....any plan?...the 12 week NHS is my preferred option but loads of people are doing different ways...check out your BMI to find out your minimum calorific intake...it will be higher than you think...wel I found that to be true..good luck!



I think so far the most helpful thing for me has been exactly what you said yourself, keeping a food diary. I have done this for the first time in my life religiously, and honestly, and whilst I have managed so far to stick within my allocated calories, it has been a real eye opener to exactly how much I had been eating, and has been key to me making better choices rather than uninformed mistakes.

Good Luck

Dave x


Been there, tried that, long term sensible eating and keeping treats as treats and not everyday must haves is really the only way. My portion sizes also have to be checked carefully. Hope it goes well for you.


Hi gang,

I see some of you have mentioned slimming world but I've never heard of it. Is it a place you go like weight watchers or a 'diet' one follows?

Thank you!


Slimming World is an eating plan and a weekly group meeting similar to WW. I am amazed that you haven't heard of it as it is virtually as big as WW and is recommended by NHS who do a referral system to SW for obese people


Thanks again.


Tip the drawer of diet pills and shakes into a black bin liner and take them out to the wheelie bin or if you live in a flat, put then down the rubbish shute.

Then take a look at NHS 12 week plan.

Good luck :)

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Thx Lizzy!!! I will do just that!


Don't beat yourself up its not loosening the weight it's keeping it off

So look at eating healthy and if you loose 1/2 a week that is 26 lb a year

So slower is better don't pu your food as a top priority eat to live not live to eat x

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Out with the med's start cooking good foods, high proteins, veggies, reduces white flours and pasta from diet. Make noodles with zucchini and squash, or use squash to hold meat bowls Pinitest has many recipes. Exercise do not expect this over night or beat yourself up, take a walk rather than eat then if the moment is to over powering grab some celery sticks with peanut butter. Good luck you will great friends.

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