Same weight but lost inches!

Same weight but lost inches!

Hi there, well I jumped on the scales this morning and not lost any weight at all which was disappointing and shocked me because I have been feeling lighter. Baffled by this I began to mull over the reasons why. I then decided to measure myself just to see if there was any change from my previous measurements and alarmingly I have lost 3 inches not much but my bust,waist,hips all an inch less so my frown turned to a smile. So I am now saying to myself that all isn't bad so I think I will continue for now with my own way of doing things and see how

I go on if anything needs to be changed then I'll try something else. So for now I'll continue doing what I'm doing.



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  • Brilliant! And great mindset. Go you! It's great trying on clothes that used to be tight too!

  • Well done :) x

  • Thank you😊 good luck with your journey πŸ€

  • Hi,

    Invest in a decent set of scales, and keep on doing what your already doing, it's clearly working. The results will come. My mantra remains, it took me long while to get fat, it would be unrealistic for me to expect it not to take a while for me to lose weight.

    Good Luck

    Dave x

  • Thank you I'm going to take it one step at a time I've all the time in the world😊. Good luck with your journey too πŸ€

  • Measurements are a great way to see that what you are doing is right. If you are doing lots of exercise you could be gaining lean muscle while burning fat so the scales won't show the loss as much.

    Well done.

  • Hi I was unsure why it didn't show on the scales after my inches loss. I think you might of just answered that for me thank you,

    I have been exercising and perhaps I'm beginning to gain lean muscle like you said. Good luck with ur journeyπŸ€

  • Go with what works for you. According to my scales I've lost 4.5lbs in five weeks. Now I'd be happy with that but it doesn't tally with the 3inches I've lost on my waist measurement? So I'm sticking with the tape measure. I'm exercising daily and that's got to affect the scales. So I'll go with the measurement that offers me encouragement and which I can see changing due to my clothes.

  • Your doing really well keep it up!!πŸ€... It's nice to know even with inch loss that there is a sign of improvement. I'm sticking to scales/tape measure and see how I go on its early days yet. I found a Hulahoop lol might give that a go anything to get the weight off😊

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