Days 10-21! Too busy to post but sticking to the plan

I've had some ups and downs over the past 12 days, working hard, had a few hangovers and a few slip ups but I've lost another 3lbs! I was expecting to have put weight on, I have had a few slip ups but I have generally been making healthier choices. This has spurred me on to work harder, imagine how much I would've lost if I'd have been good..? Big test this Sunday, holiday...

Also, just checked my BMI and I am no longer obese!! I'm just overweight now.

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6 Replies

  • Whoooooop well done you :)

    Massively excited for you ;)

    3 lbs is superb !!!!

    Keep going, you are smashing it!! X

  • This is an amazing result!! Well done, keep it up it'll be worth it in the long run. :)

  • Hi, am really glad you are getting on well!

  • Amazing. Keep up the good work. Those small changes add up to huge results. Well done.

  • Wow, excellent...well done you!

  • Well done on the 3lbs lost - that is fantastic. And you managed to have a few drinks aswell. Result!

    Here's to the next 12 days of your slimmer life x

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