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Learning from my first week

Got to the beginning of my second week now and had my first weigh-in. I'm down to 11st 7lbs which is good, but I had a shaky start. Looks like I'll need to learn from my first week.

For example, on Thursday I had a total of 1793kcal but on Sunday I only had 631.5kcal, BOTH of which are bad. I have to make sure I understand why I wound up with these numbers and how to not be in that situation again. For example, I learned that the Morrisons signature cookies have more calories in them than a bun-less burger dinner. That is insane! And I had two, accounting for over 700 of Thursday's calories.

Yesterday I think it was just because I was ill and my appetite was shot. I admit I take (all-natural) supplements that reduce my appetite and I should know by now that I shouldn't take them when I'm unwell. I'm still not well, but I have to make sure I eat something as I don't want to wind up sicker. I've stopped taking the supplements until I get over this cold. No one gets better from not eating.

This week has been crazy for me, emotionally. My monthly is due in a week too which doesn't help the situation. I know this is the right thing for me so I'm sticking with it, but I've been having a tough time these last couple of days. It's why I haven't been posting recently.

But! I'm still motivated to look and feel better, so hopefully things will pick up and I'll see more progress. I'd like to get into the groove of the diet too so doing it just becomes what I do naturally, but I know that will take time.

Hope everyone else is still doing well and, like me, remembering that a moment of weakness is not a failure; it is a learning opportunity.

Much love,


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Hope your feeling a bit better soon hunny. I am not overly rigid in my own daily calorie intake but aim for around 1500 each day, sometimes I am a little under, sometimes a little over, but on the whole it seems to balance out for me. May I suggest you leaving the supplements out for a month and see how you get on without them? Just a suggestion, don't want to offend or upset you. I know that sometimes just taking the supplements helps to keep some folk in the right mindset for healthy eating/weightloss. Are you on the nhs 12 week plan or devising one of your own? Whichever, good luck for this week. 😊


Hi Bailey,

I'm a little concerned. Are you going to take appetite suppressants for the rest of your life? What happens when you reach your goal weight? Will you stop taking them, eat more, regain the weight, start taking them again in order to lose the weight again?

Would it not be simpler and healthier to eat a balanced, nutritious diet that keeps you feeling satisfied?

I know what a shocker it can be when you first start counting calories. It debunks a lot of the old beliefs you've had about what's hi cal and what's not so hi cal. However, it also highlights those foods that have very few calories and that therefore can be eaten in large quantities. Great for filling up the tum :)

I think you'll find the plan a bit easier to follow, with a bit of forward planning. If you think about your menu, then count the calories, you can highlight some of the dodgy areas before they become a problem.

I hope you recover from your cold soon, it's no fun feeling under the weather.

Good luck with the following week and remember to take care of yourself :)


Hey Cath, it's tough when your feeling under the weather, also the joy of calorie counting is that if you want a signature cookie, you can have one....it takes some time to get our heads around a new life and new ways....so just take a little time to plan your meals, check out your BMI calorie intake measure and have a bit of fun with your eating plan. ....you're absolutely right...one error is great...cos without it you would know about the the calorie cost of the cookie


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