Lack of motivation

Hi, this is my first post. Actually lost 18 pounds over the past year by being sensible and following the C25K plan but the last 3 weeks have seen me put 6 pounds back on so I start out today at 11 stone 8 pounds. I would really like to drop below 11stone (I'm 5.8" ) which may not sound a lot to lose but it feels enormous to me. It's become a big mental barrier. It almost seems like I subconsciously sabotage myself whenever I get close - hence the recent weight gain caused by ridiculous bingeing! I'm hoping the support on here will give me motivation and focus.


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  • Good luck :-) Have you finished the C25K plan and are you still running ? I'm onto week 4 today - and enjoying the increased running distance. How are you planning on tackling that 8 lbs ? Are you back to calorie counting for a bit to give you a boost ?

  • Yes I graduated the running programme and really recommend it. Don't worry about week 5 run 3 you will find you can do it. I am thinking I will try the weight loss plan cos I think I respond well to a structured approach. We will see

  • Good luck with it. I'm sure you'll see success :-) I'm really enjoying the structured form of the C25K plan. I've run before in the past, getting up to 5k distances - but by following this to get back into it, I've noticed that I'm building up to it much better and with fewer aches and pains than my usual gung-ho attempts ! Well done for graduating !

  • Hi Minsterjane,

    That's great that you lost 18 pounds over the past year, and I know you've put 6 pounds back on over the last 3 weeks, but you've still managed to lose 12 pounds in total, and it's great that you're deciding to start back on things today, as you will hopefully be back on track to tackle your goal and get down below 11 stone. Break it down into smaller steps, and it might help you tackle that big mental barrier.

    Have you tried the NHS 12 week plan, because alongside the C25K I would imagine that would be an amazing combination. I admire the fact you're doing the C25K - I may look into that when I get back from my holiday.

    I hope you find lots of support and motivation from this forum.

    Wishing you lots of success.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I am going to try the 12 week plan. I really liked the C25K programme and so I'm hoping this will also suit me as an approach. I really recommend the running. You think it will be impossible but somehow it isn't! thanks

  • Hey Jane, welcome back...and timely...won't take you long to get rid of the unwanted surplus energy! Good luck for the coming week!

  • Thanks. I hope you are right because it was uhard work losing that weight and I can't let it go back on!

  • You will achieve this because you know a. You're worth the effort b. It feels good to be healthy! 😉

  • Stick at it minsterjane you will get all the help and support you need here .don't be afraid to ask.good luck😊

  • Thanks Ruski. It is really motivating reading all the posts and today went well

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