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Feeling positive

Hi Buddies, Thank you all for your replies. Well, my first week over and I am pleased to say I have lost just over a pound. Managed to cut down on calories and portion sizes as well as managing a little exercise so pleased with first weeks result.

As I work full time it can be quite hard to fit half an hours exercise in each day so I break it down into 10 minutes x 3 times a day. I also run up and down my stairs as many times as I can or do 50 step ups on the bottom step. I also have a second hand exercise bike which I peddle fast for 30 seconds then slow for 30 seconds for up to 10 minutes to get my heart pumping and muscles working. For arm exercises, if you don't have any weights then plastic milk cartons filled with water or sand are good to use as they come in 3 sizes. Good luck everybody.

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Great start Juju....doesn't take long for the body to feel better...small changes...big results. Well done you!


Hi Juju50,

Congratulations on losing just over 1 pound, that is really great! You've managed to get in some good exercise - and breaking it down into bursts of exercise sounds like a great plan.

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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