Finally got the 4th stone off - Week 31

Hi everyone.

So after not budging last week I managed 3.5lb off this week and finally cracked the 4 stone mark. It's taken a whole 10 weeks to get that stone off! I usually manage about 2lb a week but with holidays, birthdays and family occasions it's has been a struggle. I don't think my weight loss is slowing down just consuming too much now and again.

I had hoped to get below 20st by 2/10 but it's not looking likely - will need to shift 7.5lb in 2 weeks. I'm not too concerned though as still on track for a 5 stone total by Christmas :)

My holiday in October is to Malta and is all inclusive - I booked it before I decided to lose weight. The all you can eat buffet will be a struggle and really not something an overeater wants to be faced with when trying to lose weight. Hopefully I will be sensible and will not go crazy but we'll see. Then there is the alcohol which I will be enjoying and good moderation. 🍸 Hopefully it'll only take me a week to get off anything I gain - fingers crossed.

Hope everyone else is having a good week :)

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25 Replies

  • Well done sueper :-) What an achievement !

  • Have yourself one jolly good holiday, Sueps. You're doing great. Never let your eye off the ball, even if sometimes it feels like it's deflating in your arms... :D

  • Congratulations on your loss. That is brilliant! My advice (from personal experience) is to keep focused on weight loss till you go on holiday. I find that a few days/week before I start relaxing my attitude towards food. That should make it easier to maintain or control any damage done whilst on holiday. Have a lovely time

  • Hey Sueper, that's amazing. Don't fret about the below 20stone goal, the 4 stone lost is such an incredible achievement in itself, awe inspiring :) Everything else will follow in good time.

    I think Claireep's advice is good. Don't take your eye off the ball until the day you go away. You may not reach the 20 stone mark before your hol but you can get close, and whatever you achieve will make you feel positive and in control going into the holiday. Also, while you're away, maybe focus on what the other attractions will be apart from the buffet and booze. You may find that taking your attention away from the food may open up a lot of other aspects of the hol that you would otherwise have missed out on.

    Good luck for the next 2 weeks, and hope you have a well-deserved and excellent break away :)

  • Thanks Ruth. We are planning on a lot of walking so that will get us away from the buffet for a bit. :)

  • Hi Sueper,

    Wow, that is fantastic, really well done for losing 4 stone in total, and to achieving a loss of 3.5 pounds this week. Really great!!! :-) You're well on your way towards achieving 5 stones by Christmas. Inspirational progress. Well done you! :-)

    Your all-inclusive holiday in Malta sounds lovely, and I am sure you will hopefully be able to cope without going too overboard - I know buffet situations are really challenging, but hopefully you can use some strategies to help you cope better. Like you say, if you do gain any weight during the holiday, you can easily get it off again fairly quickly once you're back on track again afterwards.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)


    Really pleased for you and well done on your 3.5 lb loss this week (yeah :-) )

    Keep going your doing so well

    Trafford1 x

  • That is some achievement Sueper, you're Super Sueper!

    Have a great holiday and I look forward to reading your post on your return.

    Relax and enjoy!

  •'re amazing...four stone! Go you!

  • Wow are my inspiration. Well done!!

  • Sueper , amazing, really really motivational for me as I must in the months to come do what you have done. Enjoy Malta and good luck experimenting with the buffet strategies. Perhaps your other half can actually fetch food for you? 👯

  • Thanks Gonti. My other half seems much better at not overdoing it at buffets these days than me - whereas he used to go completely mad! I will try to use him as an example and maybe my waiter ;)

  • Fantastic achievement so far, well done Sueper.

  • Brilliant. I love it when you get to the stone loss mark. I'm now 2lbs off my 8 stone loss. The other good milestone for me is getting into the next stone weight down. I.e. 14 stone something, then 13 stone something. 13 stone something even if 13, 13 1/2 sounds so much better than 14 stone 1 lbs so I always have two mini targets to aim for. I've also got a two week holiday in October coming up,where I know I will eat and drink too much. On my return though I will be very strict and eat less than normal for a week and I can virtually guarantee that I will lose any weight gained. Always done it previously. This may not work for you but something to think about.

    I will be as careful as I can with food choices but it is a holiday and I intend enjoying it.

    I have been averaging about 1/2 a stone a month so you are not too far off that for your last stone. Look at the 7.5 lbs you want to lose as a challenge, get tough with yourself and I'm sure you have a good chance of losing it in two,weeks.

    You are doing great So keep it up.

  • Hi Andy,

    Another fantastic post and what a wgt loss !! Like your thinking re jollies, it's all about the planning once we're back 😎

    Have a lovely weekend


  • Hi Andy - nearly 8 stone is amazing! What a bunch of losers we are :)

    Last time I was on holiday for 9 days I gained 9 lb and got it back off in 9 days - I think there maybe a pattern there. I did also indulge a little more than I plan to this time but we'll see.

  • are you serious? Nearly 8 stone loss!!!!

    That is amazing ...... totally amazing!

  • Hi Sueper,

    Don't know how I missed this yesterday!!

    Huge congrats on your loss this week and the overall fantastic 4 stone💋. Never say never for 2/10 it can happen.

    My holiday on 8/10 is also all inclusive so I'm working on maximum damage limitation before I go !!! I'm hoping most of my good habits continue although cocktails and puds always seem to call my name !!, but once back whatever damage done we will turn it around👙

    Still on for our Santa challenge, I spotted a dress in M&S yesterday, it a bronze/gold slinky thing with cut away shoulders, picked up the 14 and thought 'maybe'. So, once our jollies are done I might try it on at the end of October ???

    Have a lovely weekend catch up next week


  • Hi Flossie, these holidays heh! Hope you have a fantastic time too.

    We'll have plenty of time to eliminate the holiday lb in time for Christmas :)

  • Wahey Sue. I've messaged you. No rush.

    Rob :)

  • Weight update should be with you sue

  • Oh my gosh sueper, I don't know how I missed your post.

    4 stone! You're my hero! :)

    Look out Malta, here you come! :)

    Many, many congrats for such an amazing achievement.

  • Thanks :)

  • Hi Sue,

    Just checking you got my message yesterday

    Rob :)

  • Hi Sue,

    You should have my reply to your message this AM.

    Steph has also emailed you

    Rob :)

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