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Week 19 : need a kick start !!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well and have all had a good week😃

My weigh in today and a 1/2 Ib off, did a sneaky weigh yesterday and scales said a 1 and a 1/2 Ib off so was a bit stunned when got on scales today!, but a 1/2Ib is a 1/2Ib!

When I have looked over last few weeks I seem to eat the same and maybe I need to be looking at a kick start any ideas ??

It is 3 weeks to my holiday so I need a bit of a push👙

Got a full weekend, lunch and theatre matinee tomorrow followed by an evening wedding reception so need to be planning tomorrow today !!! Phew.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and an even better week.


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Hi Flossie,

It can be frustrating when you see a larger weight loss the day before a weigh-in, and then find it has somehow shrunk away the following day - but losing half a pound is a good weight loss - imagine that half pack of butter or lard - it's in the right direction.

Try not to be disheartened, weight can fluctuate so easily - a slightly more salty meal for example can mean excess water weight, so many things can influence it.

You may be losing inches - toning up.

Just keep going, and keep on track, and you'll be fine! Losing weight at a slow and steady rate is more sustainable long-term.

Not long to your holiday, but at the same time, you've still got 3 whole weeks, and you're doing well, so keep smiling Flossie! :-)

Hope you have a lovely weekend - not long now!

Lowcal :-)


Thanks Lowcal,

Moral of the weigh in is : don't get weighed early lol !!

I feel as if I eat well and do the exercise ,still doing squat challenge but have slowed up Ibs wise.When looking back intake is carb heavy so maybe need to improve proteins.

It sometimes feels a slow slog but hey ho will get there😃 it all a learning curve !!

Have not lost my mojo lol 😎

Catch up on Monday, have a nice weekend.


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Well done you flossie....you're good at taking care of choosing well at these events...have read your posts! So enjoy and celebrate! 😄

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Hi PP,

Onward and downward lol😃

Have a lovely weekend

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Hi flossie and well done on losing a half pound this week. Sneaky peaks on the scale can either be good or bad but let you know where you stand and what more needs to be done. It's a shame the other pound didn't follow through to today, maybe it wanted to save it's self for next week, but at least another half pound bites the dust :-) so nice work!

I gave my meals a review a few weeks back and decided to measure out all carbs and take my time when eating my meals and really savour every bite. Everything is colourful nutritious healthy and very enjoyable. Portions have become much smaller now even from when I started this journey and when I think back to how I used to dish up a plate I was plating enough for two people.

Do you like fish ? It's really low in calories high in protein and is great with a side of quinoa & salad. I eat fish 4 times a week as I just love it. I have Salmon, trout, king prawn stir fry and baked smoked cod with veg and quinoa also I will have lean turkey mince in a spag bol and home made jerk chicken drumsticks or chicken breast curry.

Your weekend sounds packed full of good times ahead and I hope you really have a lovely time and I hope you find what works for you in relation to what foods you choose to give you the extra kick you seek.

Trafford1 x


Some good fish tips there. Don't think I've ever tried smoked cod. I'll have to look for that.


Thanks Trafford1,

As I said to Lowcal, I should not have done a sneaky weigh it bit me on the bum eh ! Lol.

I do like fish and have maybe 1-2 times a week, have not had quinoa, but will try it. I am eating carb heavy and I think because of my exercise I need to improve protein intake. I do eat meat but not a lot mostly chicken and on a Sunday 2 skinny bacon slices with all the fat cut off.I do like potatoes, bread and pasta and maybe need to be stricter about portion size.

I'm at supermarket tomorrow morning so have redone my list. Oh did try Eatwells green smoothie, it was good.

Catch up on your weigh post😃


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Hey Flossie, enjoy the theatre tomorrow. That half a pound off is pretty respectable, you're on the downward trend, your dissatisfaction is just impatience really. Good luck making good food choices and kick starting the weight loss in the lead up to your hol.

I like the sound of Trafford1's fish suggestions. I only eat fish occasionally as am mainly veggie, but I think it's good to stock up on good proteins, omega oils etc. When I try to shake up my meals, I go to the greengrocer and, on top of the usual things like salad, tomatoes, onions etc, I make sure I get 3 things I wouldn't normally get. Then there's a kind of challenge of working out what sort of meal to make from them. E.g. I end up having roast beetroot and mange tout with a salmon fillet, or mixing sliced mushrooms and chestnuts in with my rice. It ends up making things a bit more exotic and interesting. So maybe have a go at being creative with some random veg :)

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Thanks Ruth,

Some lovely suggestions there, I do need to shake things up, I'm going to try the quinoa and I think the roast beetroot sounds lovely.

I think you have made the right decisions on your challenge, your health and wellbeing has to come first.

I am still doing the squat challenge but I am breaking the squats down to 20 at at time, on to 60 a day but don't think will be increasing on that.I am finding them really hard so maybe we take the challenge into October as well!!. Some squats a day are better than none eh lol😃

Have a lovey weekend



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