How did this happen?

I have just discovered what i weigh and its scary. My BMI is 41. I have to do something about this hence finding this sit through NHS. I really dont know how the weight has crept on and i havent noticed. I became unwell with M.E./C.F.S just over 2 yrs ago and i have just ballooned since because my energy levels are so low that it stops me from being active. I also comfort eat due to stress and anxiety. I can cut my calories but i do no know how to go about the exercise with my condition. Tomorrow i am going to book an appointment with my gp and get the ball rolling. I just feel so sick with myself that i have let this happen


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  • Welcome! I think we have all found ourselves in a similar situation of shock at some point regardless of our bmi. The important thing is that you have taken the first step to do something about it. Talking to your gp is an excellent idea and I hope you get some useful advice which you could share with us all. Please have a good look at the 12 week plan and through some old posts to get some added motivation. There are some excellent success stories here and a lot of people at different stages of their weight loss too. Keep us is to date with your progress 😊

  • I'm in the same boat as you, so I feel your frustration.

    However, the advice given to me, which seems to be working is: portion control - i have my evening meal on a side plate or in a smaller bowl now. I think you'll be surprised how much we actually need, and a sprinkling of chia seeds is remarkable.

    Park further away from you're going and you have to walk a little further than you normally would. Walking a little further always helps ;-)

    Green smoothies might sound strange, but they're so easy. I get fruit from the bargain section of the supermarket, it's very cheap, chop it up & freeze it. Then fresh spinach in a blender with some chia seeds and handful of mixed frozen fruit makes a surprisingly delicious, nutritious lunch time meal. I usually add water to the empty blender bottle and drink that too - a sneaky way to keep your water consumption up, and no smoothie goes to waste either.

    Don't expect a miracle over night, I've not lost stones, but I have shed pounds, and the little lifestyle changes are visible.

    Good luck & God bless x

  • Hi Ruth,

    Don't worry you will get yourself sorted out,I have been the same it's taken me nearly 7 years to get my A1c blood sugar down I've only just done it gone from 12 to 7.3 where it's supposed to be at on target.

    You will get bk to where u want to be I never thought I would get my A1c bk to normal but I have.

    I am not exercising at the moment have had a shoulder op so it's put me back for a while cus so painful.

    You will get their just belive in Yourself I have a long way to go 3kgs to loose before I get to where I want to be.

    All the best for tommorow let us know how you get on won't you.


  • Getting the ball rolling is a very good start. You can change things. I have done it and am now in a happy position. Be positive, be proactive and you can beat it.

  • The vast majority of weight loss comes from diet alone so if unable to exercise it does not mean you cannot lose weight.

  • Hi Ruth, as you can see this forum is full of the. Kat amazing and supportive people. Welcome! My comment is about the stress that you has been suggested through research that stress can cause tummy my suggestion is to try to laugh as much as possible...sounds mad but it's the beginning of trying to irradiate this awful blight in our lives. goog luck😉

  • I'm in a Similar situation. I have CFS, PCOS. Just been on Steroids for my Asthma. I also suffer with Duodenitis, Gastritis and a Hiatus Hernia. I am constantly craving refined sugar. I feel tired and crap most of the time. I'm actually thinking about joining a slimming club. My Consultant has also referred me to a Dietician. My BMI is 34. Everything just seems against me in terms of losing weight. 😐

  • Hi pheb, agree with prin...when you find what works for you things are easier....sugar is such a tough craving to break....this works for me...after a very large and healthy low cal meal I have a chocolate's like giving my brain a signal that I've come to the end of the eating session..

  • You have to find what works for you, for me it is facing up and weighing in regularly we have a group weigh in on Monday where we share tips goals and sucess and faliure - you are most welcome! Take any help and advice the proffesionals give some do free slimming classes - good luck!

  • Sounds like you have taken a really good first step Ruthy, with going to the GP and finding this forum. Hopefully you can get some good tips from both. Remember that exercise doesn't have to mean running a marathon or going to the gym - just walking a bit each day, sitting at home doing some stretching or buying some small hand weights and doing some exercises with these whilst watching the telly all help. Good luck and I hope this is the beginning of a good journey for you :-)

  • Ruthy your story is pretty similar to mine. I know exactly how you feel. It's a huge wake up call and it is scary. You have come to the right place for motivation and help. I am only in week two of trying but determined to do it this time. Good luck with your journey!

  • In similar circumstances, I lost weight. It did take a lot of cognitive effort, which of course is at least as much of an issue for us as physical exercise, and a couple of years.

    For a variety of reasons (of which I would say number 1 was not having bathroom scales) my weight crept back on. However, I sensed a slight shift in my health post-menopause and have been able to be more active without the serious consequences. This has not improved my underlying condition (I still have to spend most of my life in bed) but being a much fitter sick person does help! (I also found that I was not as 'unfit' underneath my health problems as I might have imagined) It has been easier to lose weight with a little more exercise (it can't be burning the calories as those amount to about 600 in a good week) and I have kept it off.

    We're all different, even with the same health conditions. I have been fortunate to avoid emotional health problems, which does make it a lot easier, and I've never been much of a comfort eater - my issues are more around portion control.

    What I found helpful

    1) Be very kind and compassionate with myself. Not as in 'have a piece of cake you poor thing' but as in getting measured for properly fitting bras - instant comfort and looking better even if the size is horrifying and the style not what I would have chosen (I'm not dancing around in my undies a lot) I also treat my skin well with body lotion that I like (not expensive - I got some very pretty tins and decanted cheap stuff I like into them so it is easier to use)

    2) Lots of variety in my diet (it can be a bit of a drag for calorie counting)

    3) Calorie counting (but I do not offset calories eaten with calories exercised, that hasn't worked)

    4) Mostly solo activity - classes are just too long, exhausting, not to mention expensive and it is too difficult to listen to what *my* body needs. I got into yoga through YouTube and find Ekhart Yoga wonderfully empowering - I now do 10 minutes gentle yoga every morning and have much better back health. It also shows me the natural ups and downs of our bodies (I also weigh myself every morning which means a weigh in is not a big deal at all but does show me when things are moving in the right or wrong direction very quickly - I am not a catastrophiser and it may not work for those who have that tendency)

    5) Surprising myself. I couldn't sustain a brisk walk. I still can't. So I run instead! I did the NHS C25K programme. Running for me is much looser and less painful. I don't run on roads or pavements as that has too much impact. If it is (or I hope it will be) a run day I put on my running clothes (ordinary cotton leggings and long sleeved t shirt with big knickers and a sports bra under when I first get dressed as getting dressed and undressed is still exhausting.

    6) Focusing on what I can do, on what I enjoy and not on what I can't

    Good luck!

  • Don't be hard on yourself. So many of us are in the same boat and what matters is what you do next. Be kind to your body and eat healthily. It is hard but it gets easier and the rewards are worth it. You can get lots of help and support here.

    Good luck.

  • Thankyou everyone. 1st step done, i have booked to see my dr on monday. I have started my day(late) with a green smoothie but instead of just chucking everything in as i usually do i measured the ingredients out so i have made enough for one serving for me, not as i often do just make too much then drink it all anyway. I think portion control is a big issue for me.

    I have been chatting to other friends with M.E. and we are mostly all in the same boat with meds that often cause cravings and slow the metabolism. I am going to discuss this on monday with the gp.

    Last night this felt v scary, in the light of day and with your supportive comments it seems more managable. Thankyou

  • Hi - the trick that worked for me in the evening when i wanted to comfort eat was to start knitting, it kept my hands busy. Also I drunk water as sometimes I was thirsty rather than hungry.

  • How did you get on? I know it's a while back now but I am where you are or were. I have had m.e. For 20 years and am at my limit for physical activity. I just don't know how I'm going to get this weight off :(

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